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Dedication to Elevation


is a mindset, philosophy, & lifestyle for those who embrace life’s challenges, and have a Dedication to achieving the highest Elevation of their true potential.  

MJFITNUT was founded on the D2E mentality, when the founders successfully became Cannabis Athletes and Content Creators, competing in athletic events nationally, while producing and distributing CannaFitness content globally, to de-stigmatize cannabis use. This was the first phase in their plan to build a platform for supporting the exploding CannaFitness industry, and all those who have D2E. Knowing CannaFitness, or cannabis and athletics, is changing the world’s perception of cannabis, and will lead to global legalization, we take our mission very seriously.

Having D2E requires discipline, commitment, and persistence. This mindset is something that should be glorified as success, and deserves to be amplified by mass promotion, so we decided to build a revolutionary Lifestyle Platform around this simple concept. 

Our slogan is simple, and precise, D2E. Anyone who has a Dedication to achieving the highest Elevation of their true potential, who grinds, who struggles, who is persistent, who is committed, and disciplined will most definitely resonate with this. D2E is after all, what pushes those of you who take on the world to accomplish your goals, and get results. 

We don’t care if you’re a competitive athlete, a fitness enthusiast, a bodybuilder, a mother in her spin class, a person who hikes, someone recovering from an operation, the person fighting weight or health issues, or anyone in between. If you can relate to having D2E, and use that as your motivation to keep moving forward, then we are proud of you, and want to be your Platform.    

Almost all of us can relate to feeling defeated and wanting to quit, or give up, or to stop one rep short, run one mile less, and the path of least resistance is easy. D2E is what drives you to move forward, to put in extra reps and miles, to put in more hours on your grind while knowing it won’t be easy. It’s the satisfaction of knowing you gave this world your all, in order for you to reach the highest Elevation of your true potential, which means understanding today, you are at a lower Elevation than you will be tomorrow. That is the philosophy of D2E, and why we’re so proud of all of those who have it.    

MJFITNUT is a Lifestyle Platform, because it’s so much more than just a brand. It’s a podium for cannabis athletes to stand and be seen. It’s a soapbox for cannabis content creators to stand and be heard. Most importantly, it’s a spotlight and megaphone to the world, always highlighting and showcasing cannabis as a health and wellness product. This is changing the world’s perception of cannabis, and will lead to global legalization. 

MJFITNUT is a simple grassroots company and we are committed to legalizing cannabis all over the world. We’re proud to say our team is made up entirely of active lifestyle people, most of whom are fitness enthusiasts. Not only do we support the Lifestyle, we live it each and every day!

Be part of the MJFITNUT Lifestyle Platform, and share it with your friends. We respect your D2E, and commend you for taking charge of your health and wellness, and ultimately, your future!