What We Do

Marijuana Fitness Nutrition is a revolutionary Lifestyle Platform for the CannaFitness, or cannabis and athletics industry. We are a collection of cannabis athletes, content creators, and advocates with a Dedication to Elevation, and are determined to see cannabis legalized worldwide. We are currently changing the global perception of cannabis using a very unique and focused approach, and we want you to be involved. 



Cannabis Athletes

MJFITNUT knows cannabis athletes provide the world with the most concrete example of cannabis being a health and wellness product. It's important for professional athletes to come out of the green closet and fight for the cause, because they already carry a notoriety, and are considered experts in health and fitness. We strongly believe in supporting and promoting cannabis athletes of all levels, in many ways. Firstly, through our Cannabis Athlete Sponsorship, that goes well beyond just representing the MJFITNUT lifestyle. We work closely with our sponsored athletes, and ambassadors, to help them achieve success as they define it. We do so knowing the more successful they are, the more powerful of a statement they make to the world, proving cannabis is a health and wellness product. Think you have what it takes? Apply to be a Sponsored Athlete today! 

Content Creation, distribution & promotion

Knowing the CannaFitness industry is quickly changing the world's perception of cannabis, we have created the world's largest CannaFitness content creation, distribution and promotion network. We partner with several like minded individuals and businesses to help create, distribute, and promote cannabis as a health and wellness product, all over the world. Our goal is simple. By creating mass amounts of credible cannabis related content, showcasing its use as part of an overall health and wellness routine, the more likely this information will be found when searched, helping to educate the world as more countries legalize, and curiosity leads people to their search engines. We do this by connecting creators with different media outlets, and mass promoting it throughout our network. Want your voice to be heard? Apply to become a part of our Content Creator Program, or contact us about joining our Distribution Network.