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Our goal is to be a direct outlet for people who want to create what they're passionate about, as long as that passion is focused on promoting cannabis as a health and wellness product. We aren’t looking to tell you what to create. We may make some suggestions, but we want you to share your voice, and your vision. Our top priority is to support our Creators in order for them to achieve success as they define it. We will promote your content and want you to get all the recognition you deserve. 

This will start with a bio on our main site, including a photo, and links to all of your social and website if you have one. You will also be able to label yourself as an MJFITNUT Content Creator on Facebook, and get to join the Exclusive MJFITNUT Content Creator Group to network, collaborate, and work together in reshaping the image of cannabis. All of your content will be credited to you, and promoted by us, through all of our social media outlets. 

We are a grassroots company offering a platform in exchange for exposure through our network. This does mean no pay, however, our goal is to provide this platform for Creators to build recognition. 

We don't just want to see you succeed, we will sincerely do our best to make sure of it. 



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