MJFITNUT Spartan Race


We definitely earned our bragging rights from the @spartan at Fort Carson Army Base yesterday! 🏅💪🇺🇸We overcame obstacles designed by 4th Infantry and Special Forces units and had fun doing it! #beastmode#teamworkmakesthedreamwork .


Thank you @peeldeez, U.S. Navy Veteran and co-owner of Denver’s 420 friendly transportation service @highendtransportation, for motivating us for our first @spartanrace and being an amazing team member! Your encouragement and @spartan Trifecta accomplishments continue to inspire! 😁💚🙌🏼

Also, THANK YOU so much to all the military members and their families for your sacrifice and service.

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heather and me spartan.jpg

Race 1 out of 11 complete for the @mjfitnut 2018 season! What an incredible way to kick it off! .
Next races in May are @lasportivana 11k in Eagle 🦅,CO and the @bolderboulder 10k! Getting excited! .
We strive to show how cannabis can be consumed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle! 🌱 Cannabis has also been shown to help veterans and their families overall health and wellness! .
A huge THANK YOU 💚🙌🏼 to our sponsors for helping us in our mission to change the perception of cannabis users! Together we will make an impact to help improve the quality of life for millions of people! 😁💚🙌🏼
2018 Sponsors:
@irieweddingsandevents .

Cannabis and Fitness: Which Routines Pair Best With a High?

Cannabis and Fitness: Which Routines Pair Best With a High?

If you’ve ever smoked pot (which you did, otherwise, what are you doing here), you’ve experienced its calming and relaxing benefits, along with a moderate-to-high case of the munchies. But when it comes to getting your butt off the couch and into the gym or outside for a rejuvenating workout, is smoking marijuana a good idea? Yes, it absolutely is.

But aside from its benefits, you might be wondering what the best exercise routines to pair with a blissful high are – enter, the marijuana-friendly sports you’re going to love.

April 2018 Athlete of The Month May Ann Valledor

April 2018 Athlete of The Month May Ann Valledor

We are excited to announce May Ann Valledor as our Athlete of the Month for April 2018! May Ann is a shining example of positivity, encouragement, and motivation. She takes her fitness seriously and still finds ways to keep it fun. She goes above and beyond to promote cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, and consistently posts her fitness and nutrition journey on Instagram, making room for good humor.

Hemp Nutrition 101

Hemp Nutrition 101

On March 25th, 2018, cannabis Athletes and the Founders of MJFITNUT, Heather and Antonio DeRose hosted Hemp Nutrition 101 in Denver, CO. They both give informative speeches on hemp nutrition, including the several incredible benefits of eating hemp, and why hemp is considered a healthy superfood. Attendees learned how to add hemp foods into your diet, and found out how hemp can be an ideal source of protein for athletes. 

Can Weed Make You A Better Athlete?

With many states decriminalizing the consumption and possession of marijuana and athletes turning to advocate its use, a single decades-old question comes to mind: can weed enhance athletic performance? Marijuana has been considered an illicit substance for a long time, despite a myriad of positive effects it can have on the mind and body, such as pain management, anti-inflammatory properties, and stress reduction. Athletes from around the world are coming forward to advocate the use of cannabis in sports, promoting its healthful benefits and making a stand against censorship and baseless restrictions. Let’s see how weed can actually make you a better athlete.

Marijuana and its effects on your brain

Weed has more than 700 active compounds (known as cannabinoids); they combine with the receptors in your brain when you consume it through smoking, inhaling, or eating. Cannabinoids (non-psychoactive compounds) are known to control emotions, appetite, pain, and memory, and evoke that well-known relaxed and calm feeling. Because of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) flowing through your body, you will feel relaxed, with a sensation of euphoria and even drowsiness.

Runners tend to compare the state of a “runner’s high” with the effects of weed. Some of them say that consuming marijuana before a run primes your muscles and puts you in a winning mindset – instead of thinking about how much further they have to run, they rather focus on taking it step by step and simply enjoying the experience.

Our bodies produce cannabinoids naturally. One of them is anandamide, a cannabinoid compound similar to that of cannabis, found in people’s bloodstream after exercise. This means that we can mimic the natural process of increasing the levels of exercise-induced endocannabinoids, helping people increase their performance through increased enjoyment.

Marijuana as a medicine

Many NBA and NFL players are known to smoke weed, claiming that it’s one of the most effective alternatives to opioid painkillers. One of the biggest advocates for the use of medical marijuana in the NFL, Eben Britton (former NFL offensive lineman), says that weed is a medicinal herb that works as a potent and effective solution to both the opiate epidemic and concussions/chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Both NFL and NBA leagues believe that they are successfully stopping athletes from using cannabis; however, with only one random drug test a year, players are not overly concerned about getting caught. They prefer the herb to the use of painkillers, which are more addicting than marijuana.

Benefits of marijuana for recovery

Apart from causing a sensation similar to the “runner’s high”, marijuana has numerous other benefits. It acts as a muscle relaxer and a painkiller.

Marijuana can help alleviate muscle pain and soreness after exercise. However, combining marijuana with the right athletic clothing will yield even greater results. If you want to maximize your post-workout recovery, look for compressive gym wear online, such as shirts and leggings, that will maintain optimal blood flow to the muscles even when you’re not working out. While the active compounds will help with CNS recovery and muscle fatigue, proper clothes will help with lactic acid build-up, keeping your muscles warm so that you can hit your training session stronger than before.

Marijuana and a winning mindset

Certain studies show that marijuana can improve oxygenation of the tissues, improve concentration and vision, reduce muscle spasms, and help athletes forget traumatic experiences, such as injuries. Additionally, it can lead to more risk-taking behavior by increasing impulsive responses without affecting decision-making, which can be quite beneficial in a competition.

However, smoking cannabis can affect your lungs, so eating it might be a better long-term solution for endurance athletes. Athletes can also turn to vaporizers, which have a lower impact on your lungs. These are alternatives that won’t expose you to the toxic substances in smoke or harm your airways, but they can hit you harder and last longer.

With the authorities slowly decriminalizing marijuana and with the recently discovered benefits of the plant, we are witnessing huge marketing campaigns for certain cannabis strains in states where marijuana is legal. There’s even a competition called “420 Games”, launched in San Francisco, where cycling, swimming, and running are used to promote healthy cannabis use while exercising.

This stands to show that the effects of marijuana on your overall well-being, as well as the promotion of better sleep before a training session or competition, can prove to be immensely beneficial in helping you develop and maintain a winning mindset.

While there’s still an ongoing debate whether marijuana should be allowed in professional sports, its numerous benefits for your performance and general well-being are indisputable. Its effects can help you become a better athlete in more ways than one, and can be used to support a healthier lifestyle by acting as an antidepressant, neuroprotectant, and pain reliever.


Written by: Luke Douglas

Luke is a fitness and health blogger at Ripped.me and a great fan of the gym and a healthy diet. He follows the trends in fitness, gym and healthy life and loves to share his knowledge through useful and informative articles.



March 2018 Athlete of the Month Jose Lopez

The MJFITNUT Team is proud to announce Jose Lopez as our March 2018 Athlete of the Month! 

Jose Lopez utilized the benefits of cannabis to help him loose over 100 lbs! He is a positive example for cannabis, dedication, and positivity. Jose shares his story of weight loss using cannabis to help destigmatize the plant, and provide motivation to others. 

In Joes's effort to advocate for cannabis while encouraging others to live healthier lives, he founded High Rep Mafia. HRM is a clothing line and inspirational brand promoting cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. HRM is a brand of positivity, support, and encouragement. He has several devoted followers, including the team here at MJFITNUT.

We want to thank Jose for everything he does for the cannabis community. From starting his own clothing line helping prove cannabis users aren't lazy, to participating in fitness challenges raising awareness for veteran suicide. The effort and hard work he put into loosing 100lbs and sharing his story about consuming cannabis as part of the process deserves to be recognized and applauded. Thank you Jose! Keep inspiring us all!   

To learn more about Jose's journey, follow him on Instagram @highrepmafia

Where Can I Get a Cannabis Massage in Colorado?

Where Can I Get a Cannabis Massage in Colorado?

Cindy Sovine and her team recently submitted their application to open Utopia, which will be the nation’s first full service cannabis spa. It will be a safe space for cannabis infused yoga and massages. They also plan to carry hemp products for health and beauty, as well a offering meditation, and acupuncture services. I attended the Seven Points World Tour, in Denver, where I had the pleasure of seeing Cindy speak in person. She has a very moving story, and her passion to advocate for the health benefits of cannabis is quite apparent. Although the application was just submitted recently, I’m very excited to see the opening of Utopia!

So where can you get a cannabis massage in Colorado today?

CannaFitness: CBD Benefits

Athletes train and fuel their bodies to operate at optimal levels in their sport. CBD is the non psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It is a non toxic, natural option that provides multiple mental and physical benefits. The recent announcement by the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) to remove CBD from the banned substance list in 2018 provides a safer option to many athletes. With athletes and individuals allowed to consume CBD legally in all 50 states, it is diminishing the stigma surrounding cannabis and its users. It has the potential to provide a better quality of life when provided as an option.

Benefits of CBD:

Relieves Pain and Inflammation

Recovery from intense training or injury is key for any athlete’s lifestyle. CBD is a powerful pain reliever and reduces inflammation. It even calms muscle spasms that many athletes experience. CBD provides a natural alternative to organ damaging ibuprofen or addictive opioids that damage organs in the body and cognitive function.


Athletes are under pressure to perform. This pressure can come from coaches, fans, friends, family and ourselves. This can create stress and anxiety which can be alleviated by CBD to decrease cognitive impairment or anxiety.

Sleep and Relaxation

Muscles grow and recover during sleep, which is why it’s a crucial element in any athletes’ routine. Adequate sleep is also essential to function at optimal levels mentally. Consuming CBD provides a natural relaxation for the body and mind. This allows for a better nights rest and more consistent sleeping patterns.

Reducing Nausea

Someathletes experience nausea during and after training. CBD has been proven to aide in reducing nausea. Many studies have shown cannabinoids, such as CBD, to be more effective and provide a less harmful solution than other nausea medications.

Neuroprotective Effects

Athletes who participate in sports like football, martial arts, and other high contact sports are at a higher risk for injury to their bodies and brains. Consuming CBD prior to an injury offers a natural protection to many organs, including the heart, lungs and brain. The use of CBD continues to be researched for its incredible protective properties for athletes across all sports. The neuroprotective properties of cannabis are proving to help with the treatment of concussions, CTE, and other traumatic brain injuries.

Many athletes are benefiting from CBD, including myself, but you don’t have to be an athlete to improve your quality of life through its therapeutic effects. Parents, children and the elderly across all 50 states can use CBD to aid in muscle relaxation, sleep, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. Everyone can benefit from the the natural compound of CBD, without the deteriorating or addictive side effects of drugs prescribed for the same conditions. Whether you’re already benefiting from the plant, or learning more, your story can help. Everyone who shares their story and comes out of the green closet helps remove the stigma surrounding cannabis and its users. By doing so, this provides movement toward a better quality of life for the entire world.


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MJFITNUT Team to Take on Spartan!

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.17.34 AM.png

You heard that right! The MJFITNUT Team is taking on their first Spartan Race! On Sunday, May 6th, Antonio and Heather DeRose will join High End Transportation's, Marie Peel as they tackle the morning sprint series at Ft. Carson, CO! Marie Peel, a Navy Veteran, has completed several Spartan Races, including completion of the famed Trifecta. Joining the Trifecta Tribe is accomplished by finishing one of each Spartan distance - Sprint, Super and Beast (or Ultra) - in a calendar year! 

This is Antonio and Heather's first Spartan Race and they couldn't be more excited to have Peel on their team! This is going to be the first event in the MJFITNUT Team's 2018 Race Tour! It's meant to be a challenge preparing them to compete in the entire La Sportiva Colorado Trail Running Series!

If you're interested in joining the MJFITNUT Team at this Spartan Race, or any of their other planned races, please let us know! We would love for you to join us as we change the perception of cannabis, and blaze the trails for CannaFitness! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.17.54 AM.png

February 2018 Athlete of the Month - Marte' Hepburn

February 2018 Athlete of the Month - Marte' Hepburn

Marte' Hepburn is our February 2018 Athlete of the Month, and we couldn’t be more proud to have her support! Marte’ describes herself as a Senior Cannabis Athlete. She goes above and beyond to break more than just the stereotype of cannabis, but also the stigma of age slowing you down. In her 60’s, she’s out rock climbing, running marathons, and traveling the world! 

Vegan Chipotle Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Vegan Chipotle Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Ever since I gave up meat and started focusing on a plant based diet, I’ve been learning new ways to satisfy old cravings. These Vegan Chipotle Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos hit the spot when I’m craving something spicy, crunchy, and delicious. The crunch and density from the cauliflower make the meal feel hearty and filling. The olive oil and avocado make up for the bulk of the calories in healthy fats, and the chipotle buffalo spice gives it an amazing flavor profile that’s sure to put this on your menu’s regular rotation. 

Senior, Cannabis, Athlete - Breaking the Stigma

Senior, Cannabis, Athlete - Breaking the Stigma

Those are three words I would never have chosen to describe myself and yet this past year I realized that all three do indeed apply. So let's break it down.

Senior...at age 66 I absolutely find myself in that category. I believe my issue with owning up to it is that there's an image of seniors that I don't relate to. You know the retiring one that seems to move a bit slower and stops doing the things they used to do. I am thrilled to find that now that I have arrived, that image is bogus! I have met an amazing group of seriously seniors that are out there rocking their retirement...running, biking, sailing, hiking, climbing...you name it and they are doing it.

Official 2018 Race Schedule Released!

Official 2018 Race Schedule Released!

We are so excited to announce our official 2018 race schedule! This year we will be competing in the entire La Sportiva Trail Run Series, the Realm of Caring 5k, and we're putting together a team for the Ragnar Trail Relay!! It's going to be a big year for MJFITNUT and we're so grateful you're with us in this journey!

We invite any and all who would like to come race with us or cheer the team on at any of these events!  Together we will all change the perception of cannabis! 

MJFITNUT Wins Cannabis Team of the Year!!

MJFITNUT Wins Cannabis Team of the Year!!

MJFITNUT has been announced as Cannabis Team of the Year in January's issue of Vegas Cannabis Magazine (p67)! Hosted by Redefine Cannabis in 2017, the annual Redefine Cannabis Awards had several categories within different sections of the cannabis industry. One section was Running, Fitness, and Athletics, which included nominees from all around the nation. "These awards recognize outstanding strides being made in educating the masses on the connection cannabis has with fitness and athletics". 

What Do You Want To Do For The Rest Of Your Life?

What Do You Want To Do For The Rest Of Your Life?

It's been just over a year since we started Mjfitnut. We started creating content on social media at first, and then we launched our website. After a couple months of searching for opportunities, we landed our own weekly CannaFitness column on Leaf of the Week which expanded to On Denver and then to About Boulder.

Determined to increase income from content creation in 2018...

Sessions Will Lose the Battle, but Education is Key

Sessions Will Lose the Battle, but Education is Key

We have spent the last four decades being told about the dangers of marijuana, Reefer Madness, Just Say No, DARE, we’ve heard it all. However, what the government has failed to do is tell us about the benefits when it is used properly. Let me tell you what cannabis actually can do…

Cannabis Resolutions

Cannabis Resolutions

Whether we consume cannabis or not, we should all pledge to learn more about the plant. Cannabis and cannabis use will continue to have stigmas until we get smart about our approach to this medicinal herb. Through educating ourselves, and teaching others what we learn, the stigmas will slowly dissolve. Plus, there is a growing demand for the cannabis-savvy in the legal cannabis market.

January 2018 Athlete of the Month - Deuvall Dorsey

January 2018 Athlete of the Month - Deuvall Dorsey

Deuvall Dorsey, who is also well known in the cannabis and athletics industry as The Vegas 420 Runner, is our January 2018 Athlete of the Month. Deuvall is one of the most active “stoners” there is. His resume of accomplishments as an athlete, an academic, and cannabis advocate is one to inspire us all. Below are just a few highlights of his current roles, former positions, and his many achievements.

YOU are Responsible for the Future of Legal Cannabis

YOU are Responsible for the Future of Legal Cannabis

Are YOU doing everything you can to protect the cannabis industry and someone’s miracle or are you going to remain complacent until the day YOU need a miracle and it’s no longer available for you because the generation who started the movement wasn’t responsible enough to handle it.

Cannabis: More than Medicine

Cannabis: More than Medicine

Cannabis provides a whole host of added benefits for the consumer whether its being used recreationally or not… the body doesn’t know the difference… it only knows it’s endocannabinoid system is happily humming along searching for road blocks on the road to perfect homeostasis.