Meditation is good for you!

Today's world we live in is overwhelmed with too many tasks to be accomplished. There are so many projects that one could invest time into yet not nearly enough time in a day. We find the extra time we need by cutting corners on the amount of sleep we get, inevitably compounding the situation with the lack of energy we can devote to these tasks. We need to get away from these complications. For me, I have enough on my plate to deal with, working 12 hour days, then trying to get 8 hours of sleep, which leaves only 4 hours a day to get everything done through the week. Then, when its the weekend, it is really the time to make money for a pedicabber like me. Also, being an artist, the weekend is the time to create art. Whether it is clay pottery, or making music, or tending to the garden. All of my creative output has to be confined at the end of the work week, this being when I am most exhausted and tired from all the hard work I put in through the week at UPS, and to do any other tasks seems like going the extra mile. So, if life is going to be like a marathon, we might as well treat ourselves like high caliber athletes. To do so, let's find the most practical methods for maintaining these amazing bodies that we have as well as the awesome intellectual brain that it contains. Utilizing what precious moments we have in conjunction with the mass of technology at our fingertips, I think we can find some great ways to get the most out of this existence.
Meditation can be one of these methods! I've finally been taking on this practice after the consistent recommendations on all the podcasts I listen to, such as the Joe Rogan Experience, Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and the Sam Harris podcast. It seems like a good idea, and so far it has really been a helpful way to achieve the enlightenment that I want in life, and I think it may help you all out too.
So start mediating, not right now, but that's the step it takes to get going. You just have to start somewhere. So start where I started, and just practice meditating every night, right before bed, for just 3 min. That's all you need is these 3 mins to get you started. It's a good amount of time because it's not overwhelming to commit to. This allows you to practice just having a time set aside every night to try and practice meditating. Now, everyone may meditate differently. Some might use different postures and visualize about different thoughts, and those variables can all change, but it is the step to just set aside 3 mins a day that begins the transformation one uses to separate reality from the conscious mind.
That is essentially the focus of what one could try to achieve with meditation and yet, just establishing the time to set aside a little bit everyday is ironically the same thing. Then the actual practice of meditating is a individual level of achievement one can strive for in effort to achieve enlightenment. Whatever that enlightenment may be will vary. What I have tried to do is this process of sitting cross legged on the floor with my eyes shut, simply just not thinking about anything. Just breathing and not thinking a single thought. It is just ironically enough that in this act of not thinking about anything that thoughts come up I had forgot about. Like, most of the time I'll sit down to meditate and immediately I'll have to get up because I remembered something relatively important that I had forgotten about, like turning off the oven or something.
Meditation is a very synergistic practice. It really has enlightened me in some ways and I really want to get better at it. It only takes practice and visualizing what you want to see.
Meditation is synergistic in the visual sense too. As when I practice meditating, and my eyes are shut, the only thing I focus on other than breathing is what images I can see with my eyelids shut. As we can see the insides of or eyelids and it looks like the diffused light from around us , but even in total darkness there is still images in our eyes, if not our head, and even more vividly when we dream this imagery is almost real. I'm just trying to visualize the images in my head as they appear and just focus on breathing at the same time. That's it, and its 3mins long. I add a little stretching onto getting in and out of positioning myself, and that's a good way to get into bed. You're going to be sleeping for 8 hours probably, might want to stretch for that. I know you guys have a lot on your plate, but give it a try. Try to find the synergistic way it fits in your life, and find the use in it that benefits you. I'm sure this is something we can all use.
Till next time.