Using Marijuana to get Inspired

Part of living an active and healthy lifestyle is flexing the creative muscle as well as your actual muscles. When I mention the creative muscle I am referring to the brain. In the year 2017 taking care of yourself and being fit is almost trendy. For years gyms were reserved for bodybuilders, but these days people from all walks of life go out of their way to take care of themselves. However many of us forget to take care of our brains. After a good workout, we go home, flip on Netflix and tune out. That's not bad every now and then but we spend so much time turning our brains off and tuning out these days that many of us live lives with some level of displeasure, and some level of dulled thinking.


It is understandable too, it's hard to work all day, convince yourself to hit the gym and then go home and be inspired to do much more than sit down and find a way to escape before you fall asleep. I'm not faulting anyone either, I've been there many a night myself. However, the more active I've gotten, the more I've discovered the power of being creative as well. Putting the time and effort into something you care about outside of work is a truly freeing feeling. To have a passion that drives you can change your life, but with a hectic schedule, it can be hard to find the time. If you do find the time, it can be hard to find the inspiration.


Personally, I love to take photos and write. Both these things drive me to keep smiling through sleep-deprived nights, pay-free jobs, and the stress that comes from trying break out in a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket, and a blog they can go home and publish themselves freely. The passion didn't develop overnight, neither did the attitude towards it. It took many hours of reflection, and many jobs worked that sucked the soul out of you after they broke your back. I wasn't satisfied with going home, flipping on the tv, or Xbox, or going out to the bar for a drink and accepting that whatever work I had done on the day was enough. My mind raced at night, and yet it was nothing, in particular, keeping me up. I felt tired, exhausted, and uninspired most the time. As I began to get inspired I started by just using some of my free time to focus on my photography or to sit down and write about whatever came to mind. With time, the free time became filled and these things began to work themselves into sleep time. Yet I felt more energized and inspired than ever before.


I won't delve into myself too much because you probably don't care, nor should you. I'd hope you're reading this to find ways to better your own life, and not to see what the latest is with me. I just wanted to use myself as an example because it shows you that just an average warehouse worker, living a life many in America can relate to, can find the time and energy to flex that creative muscle just as much as the hippy in Boulder, or hipster in Brooklyn.


Once you set aside the time you may lack the energy. Coffee, lots of Coffee (or energetic substitute of your choosing). You came to this site to read about weed and I'm getting there but many of us that energy is hard to come by and coffee is the solution. An organic black-coffee is a perfectly healthy way to give yourself that energy boost that gets you going. Especially if you drink it in the morning, another cup in the afternoon is always a solid drink of choice.


Coffee, Tea, whatever it may be, as long as you get yourself going you are halfway there. The focus and inspiration may still be tough to come by. Before we talk about what at this point is the elephant in the room I have one more little life hack that many don't know about. Nootropics. Feel free to type it into google, that isn't a made-up word, it is actually something you may come to love now that you know about. Nootropics, also known as smart-drugs are cognitive enhancing supplements that improve things such as memory, creativity, and motivation. The best part of Nootropics is that they aren't necessarily lab-concocted drugs that put your health at risk. Just as many of you reading this are fans of plant-based diets and medicines, you can find plant-based Nootropics as well. Onnit is a self-described Human-Optimization brand that provides great all-natural supplements and foods. Unlike many other brands in nutrition industry Onnit goes out of their way back their products up with studies, as well as money back guarantees. This is one of the few brands I trust because when I read the labels, not only do I know what is actually in them but I am ecstatic about some of the things I see. Ashwagandha, Tumeric, Hemp and all sorts of other amazing natural supplements are used in some of Onnit's flagship products. They are perhaps most famous for their Alpha Brain. Alpha Brain is an all-natural Nootropic, backed up my clinical study. This supplement was a life-changer. This is part of my daily routine, and I always make sure to take it before going to do anything with writing or a camera. The extra focus and memory boost are not only noticeable but almost dramatic. This supplement really gives you a mental advantage, and it's is plant-based.


I take Alpha Brain daily, and almost a year in I can't speak highly enough about it. If you already take advantage of natural supplements for other aspects of your health, then this is just a good addition you may consider going forward. If you don't know anything about what other plants can do for you make sure you come back next Thursday and I'll have a post about natural supplements (including cannabis).


The energy and focus, helped by substance or not are a key part of being able to work the creative muscle. Once you have the time, energy and focus for whatever it is you are going to do you may still lack inspiration. That's where the weed comes in. One of these days I'll blog about the wonders of Indicas, but for now, I'm sticking to giving praise to the wonderful version of cannabis that is the sativa flower. Smoking a lovely sativa with your coffee before you sit down to work on whatever it is you choose to put your time into can shift the experience entirely. Your focus becomes greater, the brain moves more freely. As someone who writes a lot, there are often times where I stumble into a little writer's block. Smoke a bowl and watch that block crumble as the words start to pour out of you from thin air. Cannabis is used by many people in creative fields because as many claim, it truly does expand the mind. If you're struggling to think outside the box, cannabis smashes the box.


If you find your days unfulfilled, or just generally boring, smoke a little weed and see where your mind takes you. Cannabis isn't always the solution, but it does a lot more good for the brain than most give it credit for. The horrible stigma around the lazy stoner isn't without merit, but it is one many creative people defy. I've always thought of it less as getting high and more as simply shifting the thinking. Cannabis opens doors in the mind one would not have gone down without it, and opening these doors can help you better flex that creative muscle.

So stay smoking, and stay flexing that creative muscle my friends.