Smoking Vs. Vaping

Smoking vs Vaping is the question for the ages. For me, I put it to the test on a weekly basis. On the weekend I like to smoke weed out of the bong. Throughout the week I find it convenient to vape hash. Overall, I feel like the range of cannabinoids helps keep me in good physical and mental health. Although recently I went on a hard bike ride after the weekend and my throat was not feeling good after. It felt burnt and dry. It wasn't too unbearable to deal with but it just heightened my claim that vaporizing hash oil is the ideal method for ingesting cannabis. Not to say that smoking weed is bad, or eating is it is bad, it is just on another level with the health benefits of vaping.


So here is what I use to vape. I use the Saionara vaporizer on a mini mod box. It's the best way I've found to get a big fat dab quick and efficiently. So far, the reliability of it this combo has been outstanding and holding up to the rigioriuos active lifestyle that I live. Also, I attached a bendable rubber hose to the mouth piece which allows me to stick it in the end of my rubber bubbler for when I need to take a nice big cool hit. I recommend this stuff personally because I use them and found this to be a convenient healthy way for me to ingest cannabis. The only way we will know is if you try it too! Hit me up in the comments and tell me what your favorite ways to ingest are or by sending me an email at! I would love to hear from everyone about how they get through the daily grind of life with their weed.