Crafting an Active Mind

If you're reading this blog chances are you don't fit the “Lazy-Stoner” profile. People drawn to this site tend to be like-minded, active, and share a love of cannabis. I'm thankful for it too, a community out there fighting the stigma. Yet, I can't shake the idea of the lazy-stoner. Its a thing for a reason, and outside of our lovely community of active/pro-active stoners there are many people that fit the definition of couch-locked. If you've ever been to a 420 rally in Denver you've seen them first hand, I actually stopped going to these events because of the type of people that show up.

I won't delve too far into the stereotype but at the end of the day its out there, and if you take the less judgmental approach you can see that it is hard. If you do enjoy cannabis you understand how relaxing a nice Indica can be, how easy it is to succumb to the couch-lock and munchies. For most it isn't that they intend to be lazy, they just lack the drive after smoking. Our minds are ever evolving, learning new things, forgetting old ones, it is just how things work. So, while one may have lazy tendencies, to begin with, what many fail to realize is that you can train the brain, and get rid of those negative tendencies.

Crafting an active, driven mind is something that can be difficult to do, and it takes a long time. Putting in the effort consistently is all one need do, because with time and effort, eventually, the drive comes on its own. How do you get to that point? I'm not a psychologist, but as an extremely active smoker, I have some tips and tricks that may help.

The first thing you can do to turn cannabis into a positive thing in your life is to make it a reward for yourself, extra motivation. If you wake up and you know you have to get X, Y and Z done, don't smoke until those things are done. Make weed the reward you get for getting everything done. Most noticeably you will realize how easy and effectively you power through your tasks, and how much more enjoyable the high is being able to kick back without the stress of having to do things. If you do this often enough, Cannabis becomes more of a drive than a distraction. For example, I won't smoke today until I finish this blog. So I am pounding out the piece with a real drive right now because afterward, I'll be able to kick back and relax for the day. (I'd really like to sit back and smoke right now it has been a long couple of days.)

The second thing I would do/have done to craft an active mind is getting high and then hitting the gym. It can be very hard to find the motivation to lift heavy-ass-weights at the gym after you smoke a bowl, however, once you start you realize that you are developing a deep mental discipline. As I said earlier, most like to smoke and then sit back and relax for the day. If you smoke and then tell yourself hey its time to get busy, and you force yourself into action (such as lifting heavy-ass-weights) you learn to actually work through lack of will, and you'll end up with a discipline that goes beyond the gym. Hard work can become something you look forward to, at least physical activity will be something you are drawn when you smoke. If you get to the gym high and you find yourself doing something easy, or not putting in as much effort as you can remind yourself what you are there for. Then walk over, pick up a weight that is heavier than you'd prefer and get to work. Just like you would develop strength at the gym, repeat this process again and again and with time the results are undeniable.

Finally, I'd just recommend being active. If you know you are going to smoke, take an edible, whatever it may be, plan on actually doing something. On days I've already worked out, I'll do some yoga after smoking, or maybe go out and take photos. Whatever it may be I try to stay active when I smoke because it just builds positive tendencies. Now when I smoke instead of planning on watching Netflix I get inspired to go out and do stuff and get things done. If you smoke with a friend bug them into going outside and doing something, even if its just walking. It may sound simple but part of an active and healthy lifestyle, especially for cannabis-users, is keeping the mind healthy and self-active. Tuning the world out for a TV show after smoking doesn't do much for you, but with an active mind you're tendencies get replaced by inspiration after you smoke. It's all just a matter of crafting that active-mind.

The desire to go out and do anything can be difficult to come by, so you may have to ease up on the cannabis to start if it is a bad habit for you. But with enough activity in your life cannabis becomes more of a supplement/fuel that helps drive you through the day. There's nothing wrong with relaxing, but there's nothing wrong with relaxing actively as well.

If you read this and think smoking and being active sounds good but don't know where to start you can try the way I started. Every Friday evening, knowing the gym will be a little emptier because people will be out at bars having themselves a good time, I smoke up and hit the gym and spend a couple hours just jamming out to music, lifting weights, having a great time. Once you see how much fun lifting can be high, you'll understand the whole active-mind thing.

Stay active my friends,