Snack time!

Everyone is different. Even what we eat may affect each other differently. When it comes to diet I don't want anyone to get hurt by eating something they shouldn't . I'm not a scientist or claim to have any PhDs in any particular medicine. All I can do is recommend what I think is best. So try this. Its one of my favorite snacks! Avocado and Flavored Tortilla chips. It's a classic snack that I've been developing first hand and I can't keep something this good all to myself! It's all really about that avocado though. I mean, I'm not a sales rep for Flavored Tortilla chips so the only thing I can really speak for is the avocado. Being that it is a plant and can't say much anyways, let us all be the voice of the avocado. Clearly is it a great food, covered in healthy fats yet fiber dense. The trick is finding a way to eat it! I throw my avocado into a bag of Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla chips and it's like the avocado magically vanishes into my stomach. It's so delicious that I will literally devour an avocado like this. Don't get me wrong, the Flavored Tortilla chips aren't the healthiest thing. With all the Red #40 coloring added in there. Like Red #40 is probably not the healthiest for you, but what about Red #666, the original thing you shouldn't eat.  I'm talking about the secret ingredient, spice (you can check my bio for the inside joke on this!) Your favorite bottle of hot sauce can be the finishing touch to obliterate this snack. Interestingly enough spiciness is just not the most pleasing taste. The burning sensation can feel like fire but we do it anyways because the mind tells us too. Because we know in the long run the nutrition we get  and in the short term we even get a euphoric sensation from all the pain we have endured through that mouth heat.  It's like a cruel trick we are paying in advance for. In a sense it is similar to the allure from the Red#40 as it looks so red and wonderful with its artificial deadliness. Only, it really is just a slow activating poison that we willingly let into our bodies as our minds take place of what we see is reality.

But it's not about that, it's about that avocado. Because, when do you just eat a whole avocado?

Mostly in some guacamole that you will pick at after slaving away at the mixing bowl preparing this fine sacrament ! Then most of goes to waste sitting in the back of the fridge like some cast away stepchild who nobody wants to talk about…

No! Stop wasting that helpless avocado! Take that fresh from the avocado tree, ripe, soft, delicate specimen of life and smash it into a bag of Nacho Cheese Flavored Tortilla chips ! Or whatever flavor chips that you give a shit about(pun intended) and literally smash them up! Then, open them up and smash an avocado right into that precious bag that all life begins in! Just crush them altogether and use a fork to extract the delicacy right into your face! It's a very simple recipe and clean up is easy peasy lemon squeezy which makes this snack so convenient to travel with. The chips are fine if they get smashed, just watch out for that avocado. I recommend a hard plastic food bowl with a lid, it just travels well. If you have a good way carry your food I would love to hear about it just send me an email at zane4130@gmail com! But regardless, the avocado has to be fresh anyways and you probably won't be traveling with it for long. Moreover the thing we really need to support is that healthy supply of avocados which we can bring in by the demand of fresh produce! Likewise, we need to be eating fresh produce! And not processed garbage like Flavored Tortilla chips.

At the same time, we can't become intolerant of the chemical concoctions that have infiltrated our daily life cycle and become sickened when interacting with what is never going to go away. Like Red#40 . It is a word. So inevitably part of the environment . Which, if you're going to steer clear of all things with Red#40 , go ahead, but be aware that the world you live in isn't going away.  The only way we are going to get a replacement for Red#40 is if we put more avocados on the shelf. We have to push the market where we want it to go, at the same time, embrace the market for all the greatness it has created. Understand that that Red#40 bad, the avocado is good and if you smash them all up with spicy hot sauce, it's all a really good time.

Get high and do it! Maybe after running a marathon! I feel like I'm always running a marathon with the pace of life these days and getting high and staying healthy are essential for this daily grind. So stay tuned and we’ll catch up with you next week with even more exciting stories of our conquest on earth and how to get the most bang for our buck.

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