A Plant So Powerful! Power Plant Fitness

A Plant So Powerful! Power Plant Fitness

If you haven’t already heard, San Fransisco is about to become home to the world’s very first cannabis gym, catering to those who consume cannabis and still live a fit and healthy lifestyle. This is a great step toward saying goodbye to the stigma that people who consume cannabis are lazy and unproductive. According to their website, “Power Plant Fitness will focus on integrative full body and mind training. It’s not just a gym, it’s a full blown fitness and wellness center.” 


Power Plant Fitness is being founded by the President and Founder of the 420 Games, Jim McAlpine. Jim is an excellent example that not all cannabis consumers are couch potatoes. He is a pioneer in the CannaFitness industry, and helping to promote an overall healthy lifestyle, including the use of cannabis.


We are so excited to see this gym open! This is a huge stepping stone in the right direction for legalization, as well as de-stigmatizing “lazy stoners”. From what we’ve read, there will be cannabis performance assessments to personalize a training regime that optimizes the use of cannabis as it pertains to the user’s own endocannabinoid system. We think this is amazing! Can you imagine having your own cannabis training regime tailored to how your body reacts to specific cannabinoids?! Now that’s personalized training! 


Power Plant Fitness is currently set to open in May of 2017 and we can’t wait to to visit! We will be in San Fransisco for the 420 Games on Aug 26 and hope to stop by and check it out while we’re in town! The opening of this gym marks a momentous occasion, for both the cannabis, and the fitness industry. CannaFitness is going to be a HUGE, and MJFITNUT plans to be there every second of the way!

Another project tied closely to the 420 Games, and Power Plant Fitness, is the introduction of Cannathlete. 

“Cannathlete was created in order to bridge the gap between cannabis and a healthy, active lifestyle.  Cannathlete is not just a company, but a lifestyle where we promote positive growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Our program was designed for individuals who are looking to perform at the highest levels.  It doesn't matter if you are an athlete, a working professional, or an artist, the techniques that we have come up with can help build your body and mind to give you that competitive edge.” 

Cannathlete looks like it may be the partner brand for Power Plant Fitness and I presume this will be the brand of pre and post training infused supplements they will offer, but don’t quote on that as I’m just guessing. They are currently showcasing two products on their website. One is a Activation Spray 0.27oz. bottle with 150MG THC, providing 1MG THC per spray making it perfect for micro dosing. Micro dosing is a method used to limit the amount of THC ingested as to get in the perfect zone and be optimally focused rather than high.The other product they have is a Recovery Serum 2oz. bottle with 200 MG total THC. The recovery serum is made for post recovery and aid in sleep. Both of these products are right up our alley and we hope to have a chance to try them! 


Cannabis infused edibles have blown up since the introduction of medical and recreational cannabis continues to move forward in more states. Mark our words, this is only the start. Cannabis infused edibles specifically designed for the fitness and athletic communities is going to be a huge business segment within the infused edibles market. We use edibles at MJFITNUT regularly, for both pre and post training, so having specific options for physical training is going to change the game for us, and everyone else who is into CannaFitness. With Power Plant Fitness opening in May, and plans to add two more gyms in California as well as expand into the Washington, Colorado, and Oregon markets, they’re at the forefront of what is going to be a booming industry with massive potential for growth and opportunity. Right now they’re limited by state laws, but as more states legalize, Power Plant Fitness will have even more room to grow and help pave the way towards ending the lazy stoner stigma, and hopefully aid in the fight against federal cannabis prohibition by setting such a positive example!

They also have bootcamps! Power Plant Fitness is also offering bootcamps throughout different states. There aren't many currently listed on their schedule, but this calisthenics bootcamp in Denver on 4-22-17 posted recently and we got our tickets! Before this event, they held a yoga bootcamp in San Fransisco in February. We wish we could have made it to San Fran for the event, but we're super excited that Power Plant Fitness is coming to Colorado! Any event they have here, we will be there! Which means, you can be there with us as we review and report back everything CannaFitness has to offer! Sign up for the latest news and updates! In the meantime, stay elevated!