The 420 Games. Let The Games Begin!

The 420 Games. Let The Games Begin!

If you are one of the many 420 athletes in existence, then it is possible you may already know the name Jim McAlpine. He is the man responsible for revolutionizing the CannaFitness industry and helping to pave the way for breaking down the stigma that people who consume marijuana are lazy or not active. Since this is something we at MJFITNUT also strongly believe in, we felt it necessary to help get the word out about the 420 Games. They are an active lifestyle event series that currently travels to different locations around the United States promoting their cause. The 420 Games is just like any other ordinary organized race event, except even better! It consists of a 4.2 mile race, followed by access to vendors and educational speeches, a beer garden, and a concert!  


These events are family friendly and there is no consumption of cannabis at the event. According to their standards and ethics listed on their website, “The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use cannabis. We do advocate that cannabis can be a positive and helpful part of a productive and athletic person’s lifestyle.” The run itself is to simply raise awareness for the responsible use of cannabis consumption, as well as an overall healthy lifestyle. 


This is yet another reason we feel inclined to participate and promote this wonderful series of events! We strongly believe that cannabis can positively affect people’s lives, just as with any other substance, each person’s body may react differently. We don’t suggest everyone use cannabis because everything isn’t for everybody, and people’s personal choices are to be respected. This is a great event for you to come out and show your support for cannabis even if you don’t consume it. Jim McAlpine has done a great job of creating a family friendly environment where people can come together to celebrate a good cause, and better their physical and mental well being at the same time. 


We were searching for what to do with our lives when we found the 420 Games. We knew right away that this was going to be the beginning of something big for us and that was when we decided to complete the entire 420 Games 2017 Tour! This decision sparked the idea for us to create MJFITNUT. Since quitting our jobs in finance a few years ago and moving out to Colorado we have discovered our true passions are marijuana, fitness, and nutrition. Once we saw that we had an opportunity to help spread a positive message of responsible cannabis use along with promoting a healthy lifestyle, we jumped at the chance. This year’s 420 Games tour consists of 8 races in 6 states. The lucky states to participate this year include: AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, WA. The first race is April 1st in LA and we cannot wait! 

Heather and I are not trained athletes. Just recently, over the last few years, we've started learning about nutrition and taking our physical fitness more in depth. As we’ve learned more, we’ve become consumed by being conscious about what we use to fuel our bodies, as well as what we can achieve with them physically. Heather ran track in high school, so she has more experience than I do. We both ran our first 5k in 2015 and that is the only race I’ve ever competed in. Despite being decent at most sports or physical activities, prior to that 5k in 2015, I had never even attempted to run the mile in high school, let alone for fun. We’ve both come a long way from where we started and we’ve still got a long way to go to reach the lofty life fitness goals we have for ourselves. Our story is only starting here! 


Although the race is a competition, the only people we plan to compete with is ourselves. I mean sure, we’d love to win, but I’m reading about Olympic athletes running in some of the races, and given our lack of experience, we’ll just focus on doing our best. Our goal for the first race is to complete a personal best and then improve our finish time at each race. By the end of the year, between training and racing, we hope to be able to keep stride with the best of them and maybe even give some of those Olympic athletes some competition for the winner’s spot! So follow along and root for us as we spread awareness for responsible cannabis use and challenge ourselves by completing the 420 Games 2017 Tour and more! 

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