10 Easy Ways to Save Money at Marijuana Dispensaries 

10 Easy Ways to Save Money at Marijuana Dispensaries

"Smoke weed every day" - nate dogg

I don't know about you, but I'm going to guess if people like Nate Dogg, smoke weed every day, it adds up quickly. Then of course there are other musicians like Wiz Khalifa, Dizzy Wright, and of course Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, that openly discuss consuming marijuana on the daily. Lucky for them, they all have famous musician money, and they can afford it in abundance as a very hard earned luxury. As for the rest of us, we're probably on a budget, and we should be if we haven't earned our expendable income yet. This is something the majority of marijuana consumers can relate to.

From medical patients suffering with serious need for marijuana as medicine, to athletes tapping into their endocannabinoid system for optimum training and recovery, and to the every day recreational user, the bottom line is the same. It can cost a lot of money. Transdermal patches and topicals, which are very popular among medical patients and some athletes, run anywhere between $20-$50 a piece, plus taxes. Edibles, which find themselves popular throughout all consumer groups of marijuana can be eaten up at costs as low as $10 and as high as $30 or more. Edible pricing differs based on the dosage of THC or CBD it contains, and wether or not it's single serving, or multiple. Good old fashioned flower is typically the cheapest form of consumption to purchase, but you can really find great deals on everything, because there are a lot of ways you can save money.

We at MJFITNUT are constantly watching our budget and looking for the best deals in all categories. With us consuming cannabis products daily, both for our physical training, recovery, and overall mental sanity, today we have compiled our best saving strategies for dispensiaries. Whether you’re a first time shopper, seasoned dispensary vet, or anyone in between, after reading the list below, you will be saving green on your green at every puff, dab, or dosage.


1. Go During Happy Hours


One of the best ways to save a significant amount of money when shopping at a marijuana dispensary is to go during their happy hour. Each of the shops’ happy hours will differ but you’re always guaranteed to get a better deal during those times. If the happy hours aren’t listed on their website, just call and ask. Some even have early bird specials, which can be just as good, or even better cost savings than the happy hour, so ask about these too!

2. Call Around/Surf Online and Price Shop

While you’re already calling to confirm happy hours or early bird specials, ask about current prices and any deals they may have going on. Check out the dispensary's website to see if they have a menu that lists prices. Some places even let you order ahead! Other sites like WeedMapsLeafly, and WikiLeaf are also good resources for menu prices and deals. Deals change frequently in most dispensaries and it’s good to shop the competition in your area for the best prices making sure you get the most bud for your buck! 

3. Sign Up with Dispensaries for Exclusive Deals and Alerts

A lot of dispensaries have membership deals on both the medicinal and recreational sides. On the medicinal side you can usually get a pretty sweet sign up bonus when you choose to designate a dispensary as your caregiver. Then, on the recreational side you can usually find a rewards program for frequent visitors. Some even have newsletters or text alerts that you can sign up for to be notified about upcoming specials, or you may receive exclusive coupons! 

4. Use Coupons

Speaking of coupons! You can find coupons to save even more money when shopping at your favorite dispensaries. We already mentioned signing up for membership or alerts to get coupons. You can also find coupons on websites like Leafbuyer and Cannasaver. Also keep an eye out in local newspapers, either online or in print. These are excellent sources for finding more coupons and the best deals!

5. Holidays or Event Specials

Another way to save money on your green is to keep an eye out for holiday or event specials. Most dispensaries run specials for all of the major holidays and often for different special events in their area. It should go without being said that April 20th (4.20) is an obvious holiday when you can expect to see some major discounts! Keep in mind though that this holiday brings in tourists from all over so there will be long lines and lots of people. The smartest way to play it, whether or a local or a tourist, is to show up as early as you can. While you're there, ask about those early bird specials and see if you can combine them with the holiday specials!

6. Locals Discounts

Shopping local? Find out if any of the dispensaries in your area offer a discount for locals. I use a dispensary in my area that offers me 30% off select products! This is an incredible discount and a great way for dispensaries to thank locals for choosing to use their facility. This also includes 30% off anything they have in their clearance bucket which adds up some to some serious cash savings!

7. Clearance Items

Wait, they have clearance buckets? Some of them do, and clearance items are one of my favorite gems to find in any dispensary. They could have anything on clearance! We've found tremendous savings on everything from transdermal patches, to tinctures, and edibles. We once combined our locals discount with a clearance priced 100mg chocolate bar and got 4 for $8 each! That’s only $32 for 400mg!! Regularly priced each 100mg bar usually costs around $24 total which means we saved a whopping $64!! Which brings us to my next topic to be discussing.

8. Ask Budtenders About Deals

Hello! My name is Bud Tender. How can I help you-.png

This one should be obvious to some but might be intimidating to a first time shopper. Budtenders are there to help, so don’t be afraid to speak up and just ask about what deals they may have. If you're a tourist or unfamiliar with marijuana, budtenders are your best friend. Granted not all budtenders are the same, and you will get the occasional one who might not know as much or can't tell you the lineage of the different strains, but they're far and few apart. Although, most people are just wanting to know the difference between sativa or indica. So for that, and what deals they've got, you're always in good hands!

9. Compare THC/CBD mg vs Cost

Sure, all of the edibles might look the same, but all are not created equal. Price varies by brand and location. Are they vegan? Are they organic? How many milligrams of THC or CBD do they have? These are all factors that determine the price of edibles. We typically get 100mg edibles so we usually look for the cheapest 100mg we can get, but Heather sticks primarily to the organic and vegan options. You might find that purchasing two 50mg cookies at $10 a piece is cheaper, than say one 100mg gummy bears, at $22. Pay attention to the amount of THC mg on the wrappers, and if you have questions, just ask the budtender.   

10. Ask About THC%

Now that we’re comfortable talking with the budtender, let’s talk about the tested THC% in the flower. If you’re looking for the highest amount of THC per hit, per dollar, then first find the best priced flower they have in stock. Usually this will be narrowed down to one indica and one sativa that are both the same price, but this is not always the case. Either way, when comparing two or more strains at the same price, next, ask what the THC% of each strain is. If one is 19% THC and the other is 15% THC, then you will get the highest amount of THC per hit, per dollar with the 19%. Keep in mind that the THC percentage does not necessarily mean you will get a more intense effect. Every strain is different and its effects will have its own characteristics related to its heritage. You may feel a particular strain that tests out at 15% is more powerful than another testing out at 19%, but if you want most THC for your money, look at the percentages.   


You are now prepared with the skills you need to walk into any dispensary with confidence, knowing for certain, you’re walking out with the best deals, and saving the most money! This isn't just about saving money to get the most bang for your buck. It's about adding this habit of saving money on your marijuana, to encourage habits of saving money in all categories. This will also help you stay on budget, and save your hard earned dollars for what really matters in your life. Maybe it's contributing to an educational savings plan to see a loved one go to school. Maybe it's for putting a down payment on a home for your family. Or maybe you want to break free of the mundane 9-5 lifestyle and start a business based around your life's deepest passions. Whatever your saving for, we wish you all the best and hope these tips can go a long way to help reach your goals.

Did we leave out any money saving tips for dispensaries? Let us know how you save money on your marijuana by commenting below, or contacting us directly. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates and news!