Top 5 Best Apps For Saving Money On Organic Goods

Top 5 Best Apps For Saving Money On Organic Goods

The only thing better than eating healthy, is eating healthy without breaking the bank. Each of the apps below are apps that we actually use on a weekly basis. You don't have to use all of the apps like we do. Even using just one of these tools can help cut costs, not only now, but on your healthcare in the future because food is medicine! If you're afraid organic and healthy foods are too expensive, look at it as investment today in your future health. Proper nutrition is the best possible way to prevent diseases of all kinds. It's much cheaper to spend more of your money now than it is to spend a lot of it later trying to treat diabetes or cancer. Even without coupons, rebates and sales, you can still eat organic cheaper than you might imagine. When you combine smart shopping with an additional boost in savings using some of the apps listed below you'll be eating like an organic non-GMO King or Queen and still be able to keep your hands on your hard earned gold! 


1.  Ibotta

Ibotta is one of our favorite apps to save money on our organic groceries! This is because they typically seem to offer many organic products, as well as our favorite, and that's rebates on fresh produce! Some weeks are better than others but we've had weeks were they’ve had rebates available on 8-12 different kinds of fruits and vegetables! On slower weeks they may have 2-3, but either way, we save a ton on our organic groceries with this app. Another feature of Ibotta is their offers for "any brand rebates". These can be on anything from eggs, pasta, chips, meat, and the list goes on! What we love about this is we can choose any brand we like as long it fits the product type and there's no restrictions on organic! 

2.   Checkout 51

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Checkout51 seems to have less of a selection than Ibotta for organic products but they do have some. They also usually have some sort of vegetable or fruit offer and as we said previously, these are our favorite. One of my strategies with Checkout 51 is to look for rebates that overlap on some of these other grocery apps. We've found a lot of these will have similar and even the the same offers that you can redeem them on each app with the same receipt! This works out to save us even more on our healthy grocery list when we can combine overlapping rebates on the apps with in store sales and manufacturer's coupons! 

3.   BerryCart

Berrycart is designed specifically for organic products only. We haven’t been using this app very long but have yet to see any produce on it. It seems to have a lot of great deals on certain organic brands and organic packaged meals or snacks. Their selection is fairly slim compared to some other rebate apps but those other rebate apps also aren't entirely organic. Despite the slimmer selection they do have a good variety of different types of organic products to choose from. We've seen some good rebates on nut butters and dark chocolate which are staples in the MJFITNUT pantry so we're still putting it to good use! Definitely try it out and see how much you can save on your organics!

4. SavingStar

SavingsStar has a good variety of organic options depending on the week. One of the main reasons we use SavingStar is it's weekly designated healthy offer. So far, this healthy offer has always been on one specific fruit or vegetable. We take advantage of this every week and make sure not miss out on one chance to save money on our organic groceries! One of the strategies we use to maximize our savings is to look at all of the available produce across these different apps, and purchase just one of each item, or even just half a pound. Fruit and vegetables are relatively cheap to begin with, so if you have a rebate for red bell peppers, apples, oranges, and brussel sprouts only buy one red bell pepper, one apple, one orange, and say 1/2 lb of brussel sprouts. You'll keep your costs low to start with and the rebates will knock your monthly grocery bill down even more! 

5. MobiSave

MobiSave doesn’t have the highest rebate amounts in comparison to some others, but it is definitely worth the download if you want to save your money and eat healthy at the same time! You can find different grocery and household items and of course our favorite, fresh produce! MobiSave not only has rebates on fresh produce, they also have another one of our favorite rebate categories, ANY BRAND! This is one of the apps that allows you to often overlap with other rebates as well as in store sales and manufacturer coupons. It's fairly easy to combine rebates on one receipt since produce is typically always an any brand type purchase and the any brand category rebates themselves allow flexibility in choosing an organic brand you can trust. Another awesome feature to add to the list of things we love about MobiSave is it pays out to your PayPal account immediately upon redemption so there’s no waiting for cash out limits which means faster cash savings for you!

Now you're ready!

After reading this, you are now prepared to walk into your local grocery store like an organic money saving champion! You can choose to use only the app you feel works best for you, or you can go all out health savings warrior and launch a full out offensive on your monthly grocery bill! Remember, this is about more than saving your money which you deserve to keep. It's also about your health, your well being, and your overall quality of life. Food is medicine so write yourself a prescription and don't forget to use these apps to save money now and on your health costs in the future!