420FITNESS in California Inspires CannaFitness Community

We're so excited to be kicking off our new interview series! We're even more excited to introduce you to the great people of 420 FITNESS, in Oakland, CA. The team at 420 FITNESS is always setting a positive example for marijuana, fitness, and nutrition. They do so by posting motivational content through social media, community involvement efforts, and by offering several classes and educational activities.


They strive to serve as a live resource for anyone interested in marijuana and fitness, by offering online support, and education. The entire team works together to set a positive example for incorporating marijuana into overall wellness. They demonstrate not just positive habits and responsible use, but also caring and acceptance. We also love the comradery of the group that is apparent in their posts. Training is usually done together, and each of the members do a great job of encouraging one another, providing even more motivation than just social facilitation alone. It is for these many reasons, and much more, we felt the need to reach out and share their story!    



For readers who might not know, what is 420 FITNESS, and where are you located? 


420 FITNESS is a Non-Profit Canna-Wellness community, that teaches cannabis users to properly medicate, while being active through fitness and cannabis education activities, in a friendly and body-positive environment.

Our home is Oakland, CA, something we are very proud of, but we have started to branch out to satellite locations such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. We are also trying to engage our online following more, by offering them online education, coaching, and community.


We love what you're about! Education alone is the key to overcoming the obstacles we have ahead of us in changing the perception of cannabis use. Before moving on, let's take a quick look at the minds and hearts behind 420 FITNESS.

 From left to right, Ronnie Camarena, Marz Campos, Dino Sunny, Lala Santolla

From left to right, Ronnie Camarena, Marz Campos, Dino Sunny, Lala Santolla

Ronnie Camarena

  • Mood Director & Network Specialist
  • Favorite Training - Rope Climb
  • Favorite Canna - Dab King

Marz Campos

  • Co-Founder & Budtender Educator
  • Favorite Training - Swimming
  • Favortie Canna - Micro dosing with edibles

Dino Sunny 

  • Head Coach & Pro MMA Fighter
  • Favorite Training - Battle Rope 
  • Favorite Canna - Any high dosage CBD edible 

Lala Santolla

  • Co-Founder, Mindfulness Life Coach & NPC Bikini Athlete
  • Fav Training - Leg Day 
  • Fav Canna - California Rolls sativa joint


So Lala, what was the inspiration behind starting 420 Fitness?


420 Fitness was first conceptualized by our co-founder Marz, several years ago. She has been in the cannabis community for many years now, attending and working as admin at Oaksterdamn University. She had this idea for a fitness and cannabis company, but it wasn’t until 2015 when we met, and she came to me with the idea. She saw my background in the fitness industry, and she knew it would be the perfect partnership to start growing the concept.


Well it looks like your partnership has done you both well! You're providing direction and inspiration to the CannaFitness community and your efforts deserve to be commended. We really need more organizations like yours.

What sort of efforts and activities does 420 Fitness do to encourage living an active and healthy lifestyle?


Social media is everything!  We try to lead our community by example. Fitness is for everyone. We try and show that to our community, and followers, through our posts, and offer online support through direct access to us. We are always willing to answer any questions on fitness, or cannabis, to help keep people informed and educated.

The CannaFitness community is small, but GROWING. I think it’s important we all support each other, and help to raise the awareness to others.


We love your attitude and determination to get out there and raise awareness for positive cannabis use! We also agree entirely that we all need to join together and support each other. Besides social media, what other ways do you help inform and spread awareness about positive cannabis use?


We try to make our community approachable for everyone to join, and get active and fit, while medicated on cannabis. We have a variety of different types of classes, that promote an overall wellness, so we have something for everyone, including; 420 Fitness Bootcamps, a Walk Sesh, and even a Pop Up Art Sesh, but we're thrilled to announce our biggest event yet, 420 WELLNESS! 



Tells us more your upcoming event, 420 WELLNESS.


420 WELLNESS will take place in San Fransisco, CA  at MEADOW MD, on May 6th, 2017, from 12pm - 7pm. It is a perfect fusion of Cannabis and Fitness, that will create the perfect place for patients to explore the mind body connection, while medicating with cannabis. We will have vendors, refreshments, music, art, food, and networking with other active cannabis users in the community.

We will be offering

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Fitness Boot Camp

  • Self-Defense

  • Hip Hop Dance

  • Mindfulness Empowerment Workshop

These classes will be available throughout the day for anyone to join during the event. If you choose to join some, or all of the classes, remember to come prepared with a yoga mat, towel, gym clothes/shoes etc. 

We will be hosting a Holistic Healing area where we will be promoting wellness and healing with Reiki, Tarot Cards, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic Services. We will also have a Mindfulness Coaching Workshop from Stanford University to help your confidence with wisdom and insight for your fitness & life journey.

People can hop in one, or all of the classes offered during the event, or just mix and mingle with your peers. We are very excited about it, and are getting a great response from the community! Our vendors will be Leisure Life, California Rolls, Citizen CBD, and Gold Seal, just to name a few. We are so pumped for people to experience their products first hand! 

420 WELLNESS is going to be a great opportunity to network with like-minded cannabis and fitness connoisseurs in the industry.

In addition to the $25 entry fee, if you wish to make an optional donation of $20, we will include a cannabis care package with vendor products, 420 Fitness Swag, and a raffle ticket, which will also be hosted at the end of the event.

Get your tickets here! 


This sounds absolutely incredible! We're so excited to see an event of this kind being offered to the cannabis community. It's actions like these, and other like them, that will go a long way in changing the negative stigma of cannabis use. 

Before we finish, do you have any sponsors, supporters, or other shout outs you’d like to mention?


Yes, we love our sponsors! External and Gopher Gold Farms have believed in us from the start! Everyone in the cannabis community has been so cool! We are blessed to be a part of it, and are continuously inspired by the people and companies we meet!


We couldn't agree more! The cannabis community is so accepting, and encouraging! It's being inspired by people and companies we meet, like 420FITNESS, that make all of this so much fun. We want to thank Lala, and the entire 420FITNESS team, for taking the time to speak with us. We are so proud to have them as our first featured article! Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter @420Fitness_, and sign up for their newsletter on their website at www.420fitness.net.

Look out for their bootcamps, walking and art seshes, and get your tickets here to attend 420WELLNESS on May 6, 2017!  

 Peace and love from 420FITNESS! 

Peace and love from 420FITNESS!