Wake and Bake with Intention

Starting the day off on the right foot is essential to living a healthy and active lifestyle. The beginning of every productive day is started always by intention, never by accident.

Each morning when I wake up, like most people one of the first things I do is crawl out of bed to make a cup of coffee. The caffeine jolt essential to actually waking up is one that I have no shame in admitting I need. I love coffee, it gives me the energy boost not just to make it through the day, but really start the day off strong. One of my favorite ways to make that start even better is to pair my cup of coffee with a nice sativa. This energetic pairing wakes me up, puts me in a positive mood, and really gets the brain churning.

Every day I try to begin the day doing something active or creative. I decide which by how my body is feeling and what I need to get done for the day. Mental and physical fitness is key, if you wake up out of shape, chances are you won't be feeling very good.  If I wake up sore or tired, after my coffee and sativa bowl I'll spend time meditating and doing yoga. The cannabis, coffee/tea, yoga combination is one of the easiest ways to guarantee a lovely, relaxed, beginning to your day. If you have time to sit down and meditate either before or after the effects only multiply. As someone who commutes to work each morning in an uncomfortable amount of traffic, it is easy to look around and see the many unhappy, tired, worn out faces driving to work with you. I like being the one person with a smile on my face, enjoying the morning regardless of the situation. The morning routine makes all the difference.

On mornings I wake up with enough energy to work out first thing, the coffee sativa cannabis routine remains similar, but instead of aiming to kick back and relax I gear up to hit the gym. A morning workout alone can be a day changer, but with an extra kick, it always makes it that much better. I consider cannabis a natural supplement. Gym rats know that even some of the cleanest eaters with the best nutrition plans will splurge on workout supplements that might have some questionable ingredients health wise. There are those of us that pay up for naturally derived supplements, but even on those, you have to read the labels carefully. A strong sativa creates a deep focus that really puts you in the zone with any sport, but is especially focused at the gym. With a racy strain such as Green Crack, or Sour D in my system, and headphones in my ears, I tune out everything else and find myself locked into a zone that doesn't break until I physically wear out. While many people may look at you strangely when you mention going to the gym high, these are people who are either smoking heavier strains and don't realize or people who stick to the stigma and can't wrap their minds around working hard after getting elevated. I love acting as an example for the stoners out there that aren't lazy and can smoke and not only get their day taken care of, but hit the gym and lift heavy-ass weights. Nearly everyone at the gym is on some type of supplement filled with a lot of lab-created concoctions that build muscle and burn fat but may not be good for your body as a whole. Using cannabis as a pre-workout type supplement is much healthier than shoveling bubblegum flavored amphetamines into your system first thing in the morning. Normalizing cannabis as a workout supplement could have a huge impact on health in America years from now.  After working out, having another bowl to calm down and start recovering is never out of the question. Cannabis is a great post-workout recovery method as well. Doing this allows me to jump into my day feeling both energized from the gym, and refreshed at the same time without lagging soreness from what was surely a killer lift.

Finally, the creative side of things. Many of us work jobs that aren't our dream job, and I am no different. However, as with everyone, there are things that I want to do with my life, and in order to do them, I have to put in the time around my “day-job” to get things done. One way I've found I can work on personal projects without talking myself out of it because I'm too tired at the end of the day is to wake up earlier and do them in the morning. Doing anything creative to start the day is a great way to get the brain firing and really put yourself in a good mood to kick things off. Cannabis can be that extra spark that really gets things going for the day. Personally, I am working to make my photography and writing the main source of my income. That means I have to do a lot of writing, editing and shooting in the morning and evenings. I've found that smoking a sativa with a morning cup of coffee and then sitting down to write or edit is one of the most inspirational ways to start the day. I can wake up uninspired, and then sit down to write and be flowing for hours unintentionally.

The average idea of wake and bake has a bad stigma to it, and largely for good reason. Nobody wants to hang around the person who gets up, smokes weed and then sits on the couch all day. But if you wake and bake, and then go get shit done, you may find yourself changing a few peoples ideas about not just wake and baking, but cannabis in general, while starting everyday off on the right foot as well.

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