We must be the answer

Getting baked is great because it doesn't impair the cerebral cortex and allows you to feel high and still workout. This may be extremely controversial as the studies on cannabis use are simply not out there. Yet what doctors have to say might be misleading like this site has informed me.   

At least it is not in the light of people actively living there life. I my self have used cannabis and rode bikes my whole life, and I can say that I have never felt "impaired" from cannabis enough to not ride my bike. At least, not smoking it. Eating weed can be another thing though, yet I haven't been that high off eating weed either, so I would only judge the control over the body than not. The only side effects from getting high on weed are in tangent with the outcome of a workout, which is being hungry and tired. These are is the worst of the side effects, which all of the desired effects stack up well with a high workout such as anti-inflammation and metal clarity. Although, the side effects of getting baked and working out are also synergistic to the effect that you will be hungry and slurp down that protein shake with ease. Then, when its time to recover from the workout the side effects of weed will allow that full potential of rebuilding  the body and refreshing the mind through a deep nights sleep. Cannabis allows this, rather than other substances, like alcohol, that damage the body and mind with incomplete restfulness that keep the body from making a full recovery.

We all are different and we all have different tolerances and need and desires. So only you can really take the test and see if you find the right answer. I obviously don't want anyone to get hurt from getting high and working out, so that's why I tell you from experience it can be done. So do it! Just be cautious, not over cautious and paranoid! But be aware of what you're doing and take it to the never level. This is exercise at its finest and we can all partake in the adventure.

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