MJFITNUT Wins Cannabis Team of the Year!!

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MJFITNUT has been announced as Cannabis Team of the Year in January's issue of Vegas Cannabis Magazine (p67)! Hosted by Redefine Cannabis in 2017, the annual Redefine Cannabis Awards had several categories within different sections of the cannabis industry. One section was Running, Fitness, and Athletics, which included nominees from all around the nation. "These awards recognize outstanding strides being made in educating the masses on the connection cannabis has with fitness and athletics". 

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MJFITNUT was honored to be nominated in three total categories, including Cannabis Athletic Advocacy, Fitness Branding, and Cannabis Team of the Year! Now, it is with great pride and gratitude that we accept the award for Cannabis Team of the Year! We couldn't be more appreciative, and feel more humbled. Thank you so much to everyone for your votes, and all of your support! Your kind words and encouragement are what help push us to do more!

Special thanks to Vegas Cannabis Magazine for our second appearance in their publication!! 

Below are the nominees in all categories for Running, Fitness, and Athletics, with the winner indicated above! Congratulations to all those who were nominated, and cheers to everyone who took home a 2017 Award! Together we will all make a significant impact on the perception of cannabis!

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WINNER: Ariel Beck!

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WINNER:  The 420 Games!

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WINNER: Nevada State Athletic Commission

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