Cannabis Resolutions

New Year’s Day… a chance to turn the page, an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew. This is the one day a year when we, as humans, collectively review our lives over the past year and look to where we can improve in the year to come. Today, nearly half of all Americans have pledged to change some aspect of their life for the better. While some may make the subjective, yet noble promise to “be a better person,” others make more quantifiable goals like to lose weight, save money, or exercise more.

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Each year hundreds of thousands of people make promises to themselves in January, yet 80% will fail by February. Breaking habits and changing routines is a difficult process for anyone, and many times it’s a hand-off. For example, this month millions will vow to improve their health, so they’ll join a gym which, in turn, may add a financial burden or take time away from other priorities like family or work. Others vow to lose weight, and spending analysis for January shows American’s double their spending on diet foods in the month of January. Other’s vow to get a better job, which frequently includes longer hours and more stress. So, while you make more money, you end up trading off your health and happiness.

One Resolution to Resolve Them All

What if there was one resolution you could make which could knock every other resolution out of the park? There is one New Year’s resolution which everyone should pledge to do in 2018…

Resolve to Get Canna-Smart

The future of the cannabis market relies on education. Whether we consume cannabis or not, we should all pledge to learn more about the plant. Cannabis and cannabis use will continue to have stigmas until we get smart about our approach to this medicinal herb. Through educating ourselves, and teaching others what we learn, the stigmas will slowly dissolve. Plus, there is a growing demand for the cannabis-savvy in the legal cannabis market.

So, how can this one resolution help you be successful with the most popular resolutions year over year?

·         Be a Better Person – Whether you have intentions of consuming or not, understanding the science behind cannabis can help you find compassion for those who do. You cannot study cannabis without coming across hundreds of success stories from all over the world about people who have learned how to harness the power of the plant, and have completely changed their lives because of it.

Judgments and hypocrisy will melt away when you learn the term “cannabis user” doesn’t necessarily mean someone who’s stoned to the bejeezus belt, eating an entire package of Oreo cookies while binging on Netflicks in their parent’s basement because they have no job or responsibilities. These stereotypes have been created over years of misuse and lack of education, and with responsible use and proper education, we can move beyond these ugly, outdated, and inaccurate portrayals. Today, cannabis consumers are athletes, professionals, soccer moms, and grandparents who deserve more respect.

Besides, we all grow through education.

·         Lose Weight – Cannabis can absolutely help you lose weight. (My husband and I are living proof of this fact.) Despite the appetite increasing effects of cannabis (aka ‘the Munchies’), multiple studies and reports have been published in recent years showing how cannabis supplementation can help balance your metabolism and help you lose weight. In fact, most cannabis consumers eat about 600 more calories in a day than non-consumers, but have lower resting blood glucose, smaller waistlines, and lower BMIs.  

While just getting educated about the possibilities of losing weight with cannabis will likely not do much for the actual number on the scale, it may open the door to hope if you’re frustrated with traditional approaches to weight loss.

·         Exercise More – While stereotypes have shown the typical stoner is lazy, unfocused, and unmotivated, we know now, this doesn’t have to be the norm. As you start to get educated about cannabis you will learn certain strains and combinations of cannabinoids can be very uplifting, motivating, and energizing. Learning how to harness the appropriate effects of cannabis and use them to your advantage can help get you off the couch and out on the hiking trail or back in the gym.

In addition, if pain is preventing you from getting back to your regular exercise regimen, the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis may help reduce your symptoms and get you active again.

·         Eat Healthier – People laugh at me when I tell them cannabis helps me make better choices in food. Generally, when we think of marijuana, we think of the munchies. Cannabis clearly has the ability to increase appetite as it is used to treat people with anorexia and other chronic wasting diseases. While I can only attest to my own experiences, I believe getting educated in the cannabis industry has helped me make better choices in foods.

After losing my parents to cancer, I wanted to learn more about the possibilities in cannabis. Through working in and around the cannabis industry, I have learned so much about the importance of organic growing trends and chemicals in our foods. I pay more attention to ingredient labels now than I ever have, and I understand the damage we do to our endocannabinoid system through ‘franken-foods’ and artificial ingredients in our diets.

·         Get a Better Job – I don’t care who you are, what industry you work in, or what you do for a living… there is a future for you in this industry. The legal cannabis industry is in its infancy. There is nowhere to go but up. You don’t have to own a dispensary, you don’t have to even work IN the industry… there are plenty of other ancillary industries which are spawning off of the cannabis industry.

Hate your job? Be a cannabis pioneer… there’s room for you. In fact, most of the people I’ve met in the industry so far have been very encouraging and welcoming because we all know… the potential is limitless. If you can dream it… you can do it in cannabis.

·         Improve Overall Health – This was one of the most shocking “side effects” of learning how to approach cannabis use with health and wellness in mind. As we started using cannabis with “intent”, we started to see our health improve. While my husband will always deal with chronic pain, he has a much more natural approach now… and this alternative to opiates has resulted in the two of us losing the need for 13 prescriptions, a weight loss of 180 pounds, and less need in healthcare.

·         Quit Smoking – While many will scoff at this, and say, “Oh sure, give up smoking one thing to start smoking another.” Once you start to educate yourself about cannabis you will quickly learn, smoking it is not a requirement. In fact, multiple studies have shown how cannabinoids can help satiate the reward centers in our brain which make it easier to give up other vices.

Chantix side effects include nausea which can last for months, stomach pain, indigestion, constipation, gas, fatigue, weakness, dry mouth, unpleasant taste in your mouth, headache, sleep problems, and unusual dreams. When approached appropriately… the side effects of cannabis are minimal and easily managed, in fact, with tolerance you may not notice any side effects at all.

·         Spend Less Money – While one might think adding a daily regimen of cannabis to your diet would only increase the amount of money you spend, you might find there are other things you need less of when you take a responsible approach to cannabis with the specific intent to improve health and wellness.
          o   Less healthcare spending – my husband and I haven’t had the need for a doctor in two years now. We are healthy and managing our chronic conditions on our own. We no longer have monthly prescription runs, doctor appointments, or otherwise. We manage our health, not our sickness.

          o   Less food spending – once you embrace cannabis for health, start losing that weight, and start evaluating your food choices, your grocery bill will go down. Your dining out expenses will also down.

          o   Giving up drinking and smoking – booze and smokes are expensive. Cannabis is also expensive, but image being able to trade two substances with absolutely no redeeming value… with a substance that can improve your health. You’ll save money.

Cannabis – Your Personal PED

Learning how to harness cannabis to achieve your goals is the future of cannabis. Educating ourselves about how to use cannabis to improve our performance rather than take from it, will help put integrity and legitimacy to cannabis consumption both as a medical product and for adult use.

If you’re interested in learning more about cannabis to help you achieve your goals, start getting educated. Rather than invest hundreds of dollars into bland diet foods, gym memberships, and strict regimens you can’t keep, invest in understanding cannabis supplementation for health and wellness. Hire a cannabis coach for 2018 and get 8 resolutions for the price of one!