Sessions Will Lose the Battle, but Education is Key

Last week, the Trump administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, a document which protected the State’s with legal cannabis from federal interference, threatening millions of people across the United States who have found a healing miracle. AG Sessions recently stated, he is afraid the people are not properly educated on the dangers of marijuana. He is correct, people are not properly educated about cannabis… in general.  

A recent poll from the Pew Research Center indicates more than 60% of Americans support legal marijuana, and regardless of his own personal stance on the matter, Mr. Sessions took an oath to uphold this government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but not trample all over their will. Instead, the government has stricken fear into the industry and into the hearts of thousands of good people who have found their miracle.

Clearly… I am no doctor. I don’t even pretend to be one. In fact, I am simply a professional, college-educated woman with a 20-year career in corporate America, who gets downright offended by remarks like “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Because, Mr. Sessions… we are good people, and your stereotypical way of lumping good people in with criminals shows just how far out of touch you really are. I am inviting you to evolve, just a little.

I landed in the cannabis industry just a couple years ago, and I immersed myself in cannabis education. Whether at work, or on my own time, I was researching, reading, and learning anywhere from 10-14 hours a day. I have read studies and research from all over the world, and I harnessed what I learned. Through this discovery, cannabis changed my life in ways I never would’ve imagined. So, I’m certain you’ve never imagined the things about to tell you, either.

Cannabis CAN…

We have spent the last four decades being told about the dangers of marijuana, Reefer Madness, Just Say No, DARE, we’ve heard it all. However, what the government has failed to do is tell us about the benefits when it is used properly. Let me tell you what cannabis actually can do… because I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes and harnessed it myself through responsible cannabis therapy.

·         Cannabis CAN… help end the opioid epidemic. My husband is walking, talking, living proof. On March 18, 2016, he walked away from 10 years of legal opiate addiction from a failed spine. Walked away without withdrawal. He walked away from expensive procedures, monthly appointments, and deadly prescription combinations. If my husband can do it, surely one of the 142 who died today from opiates could’ve, too if they had the option. Research has shown states with legal cannabis have fewer opiate overdoses, and doctors prescribe fewer doses of the drugs. How can you ignore this?

·         Cannabis CAN… help treat obesity. Again, I only speak of things I know from experience. Learning a responsible approach to cannabis therapy, my husband and I have lost nearly 200 pounds in just under 2 years. Under the care of physicians and while taking multiple pharmaceuticals, we were obese and miserable. Today, thanks to balancing our endocannabinoid systems, our metabolism is leveled out, and any mental anguish over dieting and food have all but dissolved. Studies have shown cannabis consumers have lower BMI’s despite eating 600 calories a day more than non-consumers. With the obesity such a problem in the health care system, how can you ignore this?

·         Cannabis CAN… help treat Type 2 Diabetes. While overweight and under the care of traditional physicians, my husband struggled to control diabetes. We did our best with food and exercise, but he still had to take metformin throughout the day to control his blood sugar. Within 10 months of starting responsible cannabis therapy, my husband’s A1C came back 2 full points lower than before. Today, my husband is 85 pounds lighter and doesn’t need metformin at all. Clinical trials have shown how THCV from cannabis may effectively treat this all too common disease. How can you ignore this?

·         Cannabis CAN… be a better option than pharmaceuticals for many. Pharmaceutical medications meant to help with my depression, nearly caused me to commit suicide, and they are legal. The opiates my husband was prescribed often caused fits of rage and anger, but they are legal. 142 people a day die from opiates… we know their side effects cause organ damage and death… yet still they are legal. Hundreds of thousands of patients can benefit from knowing there is an alternative. Children with crippling, intractable conditions who aren’t responding to their meds, are benefiting from cannabis. Military veterans struggling with PTSD, but can’t handle the side effects of other drugs, are benefiting from cannabis. Chronic pain patients are benefiting from cannabis. How can you ignore this?  

Obviously, the list of conditions cannabis can help with is much more extensive than my own list, but I am only qualified to talk about what I know first-hand. Through my own education, I learned a different approach to cannabis consumption which revealed a myriad of health and wellness benefits. If we can learn this approach, other’s can learn it, too. 

Education is Key

Let’s start by teaching a different approach. Alcohol and cigarettes offer no added benefit. There are no health benefits to them at all… yet they are legal drugs, and we are trusted to “dose” ourselves because of the “education campaigns” required by the industries. Yet cannabis, and its cannabinoids, backed by Patent 6630507, are clearly helping people all over the world – why not require them to educate their consumers, too?

Everything we’ve ever learned about cannabis we’ve either learned from a government trying to vilify it or from watching our older brothers abuse it growing up. We’ve never been taught any other way to understand or use the herb. Throughout history and thanks to the stereotypes created, the only approach to cannabis the American people have ever known is getting stoned, diving into a bag of Doritos, and acting like a zip-code-zero.

Today’s cannabis consumer is much more sophisticated. They are educated and professional, driven and motivated, and they aren’t interested in getting zoned-out for hours… they have too much to do. They are soccer moms and working dads, grandparents and retirees, caregivers and hope-seekers… and they aren’t interested in what will get them the highest, they are interested in what will help them where western medicine has failed. Consumers are begging for education. The cannabis market has evolved, and the consumers today are interested in using cannabis with intent.

Let me repeat that… cannabis is being used with INTENT. We are thinking about our purchases, we are refining our goals, we are asking for test results, terpene profiles, and cannabinoid content. We don’t just walk into a dispensary and ask for a “dime-bag of anything.” I pick the products I supplement with no differently than a body-builder picks his supplements, or vegan chooses theirs. I have deficiencies in my body, which I can correct with the proper use of cannabinoid supplementation.  

Of course, cannabis can be abused, too, but statistically, it’s less likely to be abused than alcohol. Glue purchased on the shelf at Wal-Mart can be misused, cheeseburgers at McDonald’s are frequently misused, but we don’t prevent responsible people from obtaining those items simply because a few can’t handle themselves. We educate and hope for the best. Lift prohibition, allow the research, and grasp this market!

The time has come for the shroud of secrecy and stigma with cannabis consumption to end. The American people who support legal marijuana deserve more than getting our hands slapped and told “No.” We’ve had our hands in the cookie jar, we recognize the prize, and we won’t sit idly by while bureaucrats strip our constitutional rights because of lack of education.

Cannabis consumers, please join me in Green Flower Media's campaign #DearJeffSessions to tell our stories of success, health, and wellness. Until we show them the other side, they are going to assume we are all abusing it. Speak up now!