What Do You Want To Do For The Rest Of Your Life?

It's been just over a year since we started Mjfitnut. We started creating content on social media at first, and then we launched our website. After a couple months of searching for opportunities, we landed our own weekly CannaFitness column on Leaf of the Week which expanded to On Denver and then to About Boulder.

Determined to increase income from content creation in 2018, I personally spent a good deal of December seeking out freelance writing work. Most recently I started publishing my own travel and adventure content on Rockchucksummit. I'm also working with an upcoming health and wellness website, and a Colorado based company who I'll be contributing fitness content to.

This was all in the first year of setting out to do this, and may be all you really know about me. A lot of people don't know about our successful property management and concierge business we started in the Vail Valley after just 8 months in Colorado. In just a couple months we built a concierge clientele list of 24, and were managing over 30 properties. We shut it down to start Mjfitnut.

Heather and I moved to Colorado in Nov of 2015. At the beginning of that year, we quit our almost decade long careers in finance to pursue a life more meaningful. We literally sold everything we owned that wouldn't fit in our SUV and camper, and hit the road to become Travel Adventure writers. It was our goal at the time, but after hitting the road, we quickly realized we enjoyed the travel much more than the entire lifestyle that came with being a nomad, so we decided to work in the mountains of CO. We had no idea at the time we would be starting Mjfitnut.

Before we set out on our adventure in 2015, we started planning for it. That was in October of 2013, on a beach in the Caribbean Islands, when we first started discussing giving up everything we knew as normal, to create a life where we truly enjoy what we do every day.

I'm sharing all of this with you, because anyone who is paying attention probably has no idea that everything I'm doing today, really started almost 5 years ago. We started moving down a different path, and our plans may have changed as we've learned more about ourselves, but the path has remained the same. Designing a life where we enjoy what we do every day, is still the destination, and now I have complete certainty about what I enjoy doing. I love cannabis, fitness, nutrition, travel, adventure, eating, and I enjoy writing and creating content. Ironically, the first career I ever really imagined having when I was a child, was a writer.

My ultimate point is, you can find a way to do what you love. It might not be easy, (believe me, it has been FAR from easy) and it might even seem impossible, but you can do it. It took me almost 5 years to get to a point where it finally feels like the work we started putting in back in 2013 is just now beginning to pay off.

If you're working towards your true dreams, do not stop. You will get discouraged. Plans will change. But if you continue. If you keep learning about your true self. If you keep seeking out opportunities. You will find them. You will succeed.

If you're not doing what you love every day, then listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, and begin by asking yourself..."What do you want to do for the rest of your life?"