MJFITNUT Team to Take on Spartan!

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You heard that right! The MJFITNUT Team is taking on their first Spartan Race! On Sunday, May 6th, Antonio and Heather DeRose will join High End Transportation's, Marie Peel as they tackle the morning sprint series at Ft. Carson, CO! Marie Peel, a Navy Veteran, has completed several Spartan Races, including completion of the famed Trifecta. Joining the Trifecta Tribe is accomplished by finishing one of each Spartan distance - Sprint, Super and Beast (or Ultra) - in a calendar year! 

This is Antonio and Heather's first Spartan Race and they couldn't be more excited to have Peel on their team! This is going to be the first event in the MJFITNUT Team's 2018 Race Tour! It's meant to be a challenge preparing them to compete in the entire La Sportiva Colorado Trail Running Series!

If you're interested in joining the MJFITNUT Team at this Spartan Race, or any of their other planned races, please let us know! We would love for you to join us as we change the perception of cannabis, and blaze the trails for CannaFitness! 

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