April 2018 Athlete of The Month May Ann Valledor

 May Ann Valledor Athlete of the Month April 2018

May Ann Valledor Athlete of the Month April 2018

We are excited to announce May Ann Valledor as our Athlete of the Month for April 2018! May Ann is a shining example of positivity, encouragement, and motivation. She takes her fitness seriously and still finds ways to keep it fun. She goes above and beyond to promote cannabis as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, and consistently posts her fitness and nutrition journey on Instagram, making room for good humor.

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May Ann is an avid promoter of the MJFITNUT lifestyle. She often reps our water bottle when biking around California! We want to recognize her for all the hard work she puts in for herself, her family, and this community. On top of showing the world her dedication to elevation online, May Ann is also a member of the MJFITNUT Charity Miles Team. She contributes miles that turn into monetary donations to reputable charities around the world! We want to thank her for supporting our mission, and for being an all around bad ass who inspires us all! 

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Some words from May Ann; 

"Born and raised in Southern California, I am a 37 year old Nurse, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Beachbody Coach, American Cannabis Nurse, Humanist and a believer and preacher of Happiness, Moderation and Balance. 

Long time user of Cannabis, I self-medicated to help with my anxiety, slight depression, insomnia. In conjunction with daily exercise, I use Cannabis as a part of my healthier lifestyle. It helps with the symptoms mentioned earlier as well as helping me focus, provides inflammation and sore muscle relief and aids greatly in my recovery methods. 

From smoking a pack a cigarettes for 15 years to being lazy and never getting outside to now being smoke free for 4 years and counting, a craving for movement and exploring outside. I own a beach cruiser and now a mountain bike, I enjoy camping, hiking, riding and being in nature. I love working out daily, challenging myself and seeing what my body can do. I started out as a Bodyweight cardio junkie to a lover of weights and I've never step foot in a gym!! 

Let Cannabis aid in your healthier life and love living a life full of joy, laughter and adventure!!"

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