So you want to know about us huh?

We appreciate your curiosity! 


THe Team


Hello! We are Antonio and Heather DeRose and we are the creators and operators of Marijuana Fitness Nutrition. We are a married couple who have known each other for 13 years. Being high school sweethearts, we both feel fortunate to have found each other early in our lives because it’s given us, not only loving memories over the years, but we’ve been able to be alongside each other as we’ve changed and grown into the people we are today. One of the biggest changes in our lives came in 2015 when we finally began our plan to quit the corporate grind of banking and finance in order to pursue a more minimalist lifestyle where we could focus on what makes us happy, and not just climbing the ladder at work to get promotions and raises so we could watch our savings get fatter or blow it on stuff we didn’t need. We quit our jobs, sold our 3 bedroom 3 bath house, almost all of our belongings, and hit the road in our Ford Expedition with our Coachmen Freedom Express camper trailer in tow!

It was this moment in 2015 when we took the leap and quit our jobs that pushed us forward into the next chapter of our lives. We had no idea at the time that MJFITNUT is where the road would take us. It certainly wasn’t our first plan as we’ve made several adjustments along the way and narrowed down what makes us happy, and discovered what we are both most passionate about, which is marijuana, fitness, and nutrition. Having seen firsthand how fast plans can change when you have an open mind and stay flexible, we aren’t sure what direction MJFITNUT is going to take us, but there are a few things we know for sure.

We believe the CannaFitness industry is only beginning and want to be at the forefront of it's growth and expansion, while learning along the way and sharing everything CannaFitness has to offer, as well as our stories along the way! We want to spend our lives living a healthy and active lifestyle. For us this simply means we want to be conscious about the foods we use to fuel our body and challenge ourselves both physically and mentally through physical activities in order to get stronger, be healthier, and live longer more satisfying lives. We also hope to help in the fight against the stereotype that marijuana makes you lazy as well as promoting marijuana’s many benefits including the commercialization of hemp and hemp products. Our goal is to see marijuana prohibition end in the United States during our lifetime and we feel this is achievable. We want to stand to serve as advocates and lead by example for marijuana, fitness, and nutrition and this is what we have chosen to devote our lives to. Please follow along as we begin one of our greatest life achievements while having fun and loving every minute of life along the way!


Antonio Derose

A self proclaimed student of life with a B.A. in Psychology and a successful professional resume in banking, management, and sales. Having decided to give up the life of a traditional 9-5 grind, I now find myself in Colorado living a life I never could have imagined. I have used marijuana for over 15 years. During these years of use I also learned as much as I could about this magnificent plant. As for my fitness experience, prior to 2015, other than the occasional few months of weight lifting here and there and being fairly decent at most sports, I didn't train for anything. I was a pencil pushing desk jockey who came home and sat on the couch after long days. I'm proud to have come a long way since then. My knowledge of nutrition prior to 2015 was even worse than my level of fitness! I lived most of my life not caring or educating myself about nutrition and with the discovery of Heather's food intolerance's in 2011, we both began to be more conscious of the foods we ate. Even though I am a long way from where I started, I am not at the level of fitness I would prefer, but I get closer every day, and that's all that matters. I also have a lot of fitness goals I'd like to achieve over the course of my lifetime but it all starts one day at a time. Every day I look for a way to elevate my mind, my body, and self. I truly wish everyone the best in all that you do. Stay lit and stay fit!  




Heather derose

I would describe myself as a former corporate grinder with a B.A. in Personal Financial Planning and a new found passion for marijuana, fitness and nutrition.  After making a bold move to change my corporate ladder climbing lifestyle to a more purposeful and meaningful one, I have already found my life more fulfilled than I ever thought possible. Moving to Colorado and experiencing the adventurous outdoor activities as well as engaging with more like minded individuals has been the most dramatic and positive change I’ve ever made in my life and I couldn’t be happier. To be honest, I was on the opposition of marijuana for most of my life, having only tried it for the first time at the age of 18 and it wasn’t until age 24 when I really began to use marijuana regularly and reap the benefits of the plant. I continue to improve my anxiety and panic attacks and suffered my last seizure in 2014 and have been seizure free since utilizing cannabis as a regular treatment. In 2011 I was diagnosed with several food intolerances and I realized I needed to pay more attention to what I was fueling my body with on a daily basis. I became more interested and educated in nutrition and started to become more active to improve my physical and mental strength and overall wellness. It wasn’t until 2015 when I really started to take my fitness to a new level. Following my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and successful treatment, I participated in my first official 5k race to support her recovery and anyone else that has been affected by the disease. It was an amazing experience and I had always loved running in high school so this passion has been reignited. I look forward to improving my overall fitness and mental strength throughout my life and vow to keep living more intentionally and purposefully moving forward by going on new adventures, being around positive energy, connecting with people, learning new things and continually growing. Elevate yourself!