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NEW EPISODE* Puff & Run [Ep. 18] - Our new schedule is to release new episodes on the 4th and the 20th every month. This episode was released a day late due to the technical difficulty of a new editing software.
July 30, 2017] In this episode of Puff & Run the guys talk about the recent Black Jack dispensary break in and the cops shooting at the suspects at 4:20am. Cannabis in Pro sports panel at the Vegas Cannabis Summit, and more below!!
Episode 16 of the Puff & Run Podcast was recorded July 12th 2017 and speaks about Triple Dare racing's 3 degrees of hell, evergreen organix sponsors 2 team members, July 1st in Las Vegas Coed 3:00 - Triple Dare Running Company 3 degrees of hell race report 3:15 - Becky
1:35 Kyle Squid Northrop Shout out 2:25 Avery Collins signs with Polar and wears the Polar V800 3:10 Fireman Frank shout out Eagle Up Ultra June 24/25 4:30 Budtender Fight Club (June Class) 6:05 The CannaVative Group shout out 6:20 Redwood MJ shout out 6:27 NV Cann Labs shout out
Episode 14 was recorded Saturday June 17th 2017 in the car on the way to the bootleg beatdown 5k with 420 Cross Country . The Vegas 420 Runner explains his history with the 3 previous bootleg beatdowns.
June 1, 2017] On this episode of Puff & Run...
May 18, 2017] On this episode of Puff & Run 2:45 - 4:30 - Weed on Vegas strip 7:20 - Munch and Brunch 10:00 - Kannabis Plug 10:20 - Dispensary security 13:00 - Antonio of MJ Fit nut 13:25 - Leaf of the Week 14:40 - Runnin' High 16:00
May 11, 2017] On this episode of Puff & Run 1:25 - Vegas Cannabis Magazine May issue 5:00 - Mathius585 quote 5:30 - Krewbacca_xR quote 8:40 - Munch & Brunch 10:25 - Budtender Fight Club 12:40 - Kyle Northup 14:20 - Running for a year 17:00 - Running through the pines 17:20 - Simon Anderson 17:50 - Havok Trail Run 8k 18:55 - Getting Legal Marijuana Card 20:00 - Flight of Fire 49:45 - DigiPath Labs 59:20 - Mt.
May 4, 2017] In this episode of Puff & Run find out about all the recent updates regarding the podcast going to itunes, sound cloud, google play and youtube. Possible scheduling change to the weekly schedule coming soon. (11:00)-Official logo competition details. (12:00) 420 Games Seattle plans.
April 27, 2017] In this episode 420 Cross County team member Mathius585 stops by the studio to talk about his book Enjoy the Harvest. The 420 Cross Country team take 2nd overall and two other age group awards at the Calico Racing Purple run in Las Vegas.
April 20, 2017] In this episode the Vegas 420 runner talks about why its more important to spread this message at running conferences than races. Announces multiple sponsors for the 420 Cross Country Team to participate in the Calico Racing Purple Run. Mr. Run 2 Improves speaks about run afficinado and his virtual 5ks.
April 13, 2017] In this episode of Puff & Run, Mr. Run 2 Improve aka Josue joins the podcast as a co-host. The Vegas 420 Runner explains how Josue has been a motivating factor in his running and essential for getting the podcast up and online.
April 6, 2017] In this episode Puff & Run has it's 1st guest ever on the podcast show. UNLV Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Vice President Kevin Enright drops by the studio to talk about the recent 2017 SSDP annual gathering held March 24-26 in Portland Oregon.
March 29, 2017] In this episode of Puff & Run the Vegas 420 runner explains how the 420 Cross Country team came to be. He also speaks about how simple it is to become a "Rookie" member and breaks down the different levels of membership rookie/Pro/Elite/Team. Music by: MuscleMenMuzi
March 2017] In this episode of the Puff & Run podcast the Vegas 420 runner explains how he first got involved in cannabis public relations. He speaks about starting the small PR firm REDEFINE cannabis and walks the audience through the REDEFINE cannabis website. Music by: MuscleMenMuzi
March 2017] In this episode the Vegas 420 runner explains how he moved from just running into triathlons. He then goes on to explain that the idea of ultra running initially came about as practice for a triathlon. He also speaks about his 1st sponsorships from the cannabis industry.
March 2017] In this episode the Vegas 420 Runner speaks about why and when he first started running. He speaks about the journey he took from his first 5k to his first marathon. Music by: MuscleMenMuzik
March 2017] In episode 1 of Puff & Run the Vegas 420 runner explains what lead to the Puff & Run web-series launching as a podcast instead. He also gives a season summary starting with the first 6 episodes. Music by: MuscleMenMuzik