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Why choose mjfitnut?

MJFITNUT was voted nationally as the 2017 Cannabis Team of the Year in Vegas Cannabis Magazine!

MJFITNUT is a leader in CannaFitness Content creation, distribution, and promotion, having successfully created the world's first and only weekly CannaFitness column, produced on,,, as well as our own site.

MJFITNUT is a leading expert in CannaFitness Industry knowledge, having successfully planned and completed a national tour, and been directly involved with several Cannabis Athletic events throughout all of Colorado.    

MJFITNUT has set several historical records for the brand when Cannabis Athletes and founders, Heather and Antonio DeRose, became the world's first two people to complete an entire 420 Games national tour. Antonio was the first male to place Top 10 in every 420 Games race. Heather, MJFITNUT's CEO, was the first woman to place Top 10 in every race, and the very first person to ever take the podium at three 420 Games races having placed 3rd in Seattle, 2nd in Portland, and 1st in Denver.  


We offer several business services to the CannaFitness community, on every level, with options that can fit any budget. We can provide CannaFitness Content to your existing business, including text, images, and video. We can even teach you how to turn your passion for cannabis and athletics into a business. Learn how to plan a tour, get sponsors, set up affiliate marketing, advertising deals, and more. Our organization also provides expert insight into the CannaFitness, or cannabis and athletics consumer demographic and analytics. If you're a business wanting to know how to reach this unique and valuable market segment, we can help tailor a plan to suit your needs, and ensure the highest accuracy of your next marketing campaign.   


MJFITNUT founders and Cannabis Athletes, Heather and Antonio DeRose, speak on several topics, including their own unique stories. We can also provide you with other Cannabis Athletes and Content Creators with their own specialties, so contact us today to give your crowd the D2E experience!


We are constantly growing, and ever expanding, which means we are always creating new business opportunities for ourselves, and our partners. Your business can sponsor athletes, events, set up affiliate marketing and advertising deals, purchase content we've created and have for sale, or contract us to create exclusive content just for you. We don't want you to just write a check. We are continuously looking to build long lasting relationships with reputable companies whom we can be proud to have as partners, or clients.