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MJFITNUT is a Platform composed of athletes, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts, and cannabis advocates from all walks of life. When MJFITNUT began, the number one priority was to discover what challenges the every day cannabis athlete would have to go through in order to succeed. We started when the two founders, Heather and Antonio DeRose, competed nationally and placed in several races. We were able to uncover the obstacles first hand, so we moved forward with Phase 2. We set out to create a support network for Cannabis Athletes, while also finding Cannabis Athletes we can be proud to have represent our brand. One thing we love about MJFITNUT, and the D2E mindset, is we have athletes with diverse backgrounds and experiences, but we are all united in the common goal to stand up and speak for what we believe in here at MJFITNUT, after all, it’s not just a Lifestyle Brand, it’s a Lifestyle Platform! 

It is very important for us to help out the every-person who have D2E, and are working their hardest to succeed, however they define success. Since many Cannabis Athletes might not get the same recognition as a big name in their sport, we want to focus on sponsoring and supporting those who need it more today, than those who already have it. While we appreciate all levels of Cannabis Athletes, we’ve focused our efforts on the ones who are making a big impact in their local and online communities, while representing MJFITNUT to its fullest, and being proud to promote the brand and lifestyle.


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