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Thank you so much just for your interest in checking out our support page! There are many ways you can help support MJFITNUT as we begin our life's goal to spread awareness about marijuana, fitness, and nutrition! Your support will go a long way in the fight against prohibition on marijuana, as well as supporting an overall active and healthy lifestyle. We will be spreading awareness, not just about the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, but also for commercialized hemp production for it's seemingly endless uses, to it's positive impact on the environment. Choose from any of the free options below to show your support, and not only will we be eternally grateful, your contribution will directly affect the lives of millions!

Sponsorship and other business related contribution opportunities are listed below as well.     

Support For Free

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The easiest way to support the cause for free is to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed on the CannaFitness industry, as well as what's going on at MJFITNUT.  

Social Media 

The other easiest free way to support the cause is to follow us on social media @MJFITNUT on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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Word of mouth

Another easy free way to show support is to simply spread the word!

Know anyone who's into marijuana, fitness, or nutrition? Ask them if they've heard about MJFITNUT and suggest they follow us on our website and social media!

Reach out to us

Contact us and keep in touch! We'd love to hear from you about your marijuana, fitness, and nutrition practices, answer any questions you may have, or just spark up a conversation! 

If you see us out in public, feel free to say hello! From a handshake and what's up to a shout out and a peace sign as you pass by, we'd love to meet you! Take a picture with us and post it to your social media accounts or website!

Click on Advertisements

By clicking on even just one advertisement during your visit to our site, you are making a significant impact on our mission, and our future. You will find one directly below, and one at the bottom of all of our pages. We greatly appreciate your support and hope you will take a moment to visit one of our advertisers, even if just briefly.

Root For Us

Take a look at our events list to find out when and where we will be, then root for us on social media by shouting out your support @MJFITNUT!

When we're in your area, come out and cheer us on in person! Or even sign up for the same event and we can participate together! Encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to do the same!

We will be adding more events throughout the year so sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on new additions! 

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When you've got a post, a picture, or a video of you elevating yourself, #MJFITNUT to let us know you're out there! 

Got a post, picture, or video related to MJFITNUT? Maybe you found out breaking news in the CannaFitness industry, or even an old article or a video and you want to share it with us. Send it on over! Submit to us on our website, or on any of our social media accounts @MJFITNUT.


Want to really get active? Let us know if you have interest in volunteering at any of the events we will be attending and we'll get you in touch with the organizers!


Other Ways to Contribute


We are currently seeking sponsorships. If your business is interested in building a relationship and sponsoring MJFITNUT, please contact us for more information or to submit your sponsorship proposal!

Business Partnerships

We are looking for businesses to partner with in order to provide top quality brands and products to our fans. Contact us for inquiries regarding advertisement, affiliate marketing, brand ambassador opportunities, or just to send us your ideas.   

Product Donations

Want to help us out and get your business's products in front of your consumers? Whether it's smoking accessories, clothing, or small items like water bottles, pens, stickers, or samples, send them our way! Then let us know by contacting us, and let your customers know on social media how great you are, by telling them how you helped support @MJFITNUT!  All products (excluding cannabis or items containing THC) may be shipped to:


PO BOX 270621

Superior, CO 80027


Cannabis Donations

If you are in the cannabis industry and would like to donate some of your flower, concentrates, edibles, or other THC and CBD infused products for our use in training or at hosted events, please contact us and we will be happy to schedule delivery or pickup. 

Monetary Donations 

If you're feeling generous and would like to make a monetary donation, please contact us so we can start with an enthusiastic, "Thank you so much!", and work out the details. Monetary donations will go towards training, travel expenses, and event registration costs. Race entry fees can range from $50-$100+. Every little bit counts to support the cause so don't think your donation can be too small!