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Dedication to Elevation


MJFITNUT was founded on the D2E mentality, when the founders successfully became Cannabis Athletes and Content Creators, competing in athletic events nationally, while producing and distributing CannaFitness content globally, to de-stigmatize cannabis use. This was the first phase in their plan to build a platform for supporting the exploding CannaFitness industry, and all those who have D2E. Knowing CannaFitness, or cannabis and athletics, is changing the world’s perception of cannabis, and will lead to global legalization, we take our mission very seriously.

Join MJFITNUT as we take the world by storm proving cannabis doesn't make you lazy, unsuccessful, or a bad person! 



Live the Life and represent your D2E to the fullest with the latest in MJFITNUT gear and accessories! 

Official 2018 Sponsors!

We want to thank the following businesses for their support in 2018!

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Craft Concentrates

Craft produces and offers the most innovative cannabis products on the market. With unrivaled customer service, and a team of experts who are passionate about what they do, you will have an enjoyable experience from seed to sale.


Realm of Caring

The Realm of Caring Foundation empowers you to enhance your quality of life by providing and expanding cannabinoid research initiatives, educational services, and advocacy programs.


Colorado norml

Colorado NORML is dedicated to reforming marijuana laws and protecting the marijuana consumer. Colorado NORML also supports NORML's mission of moving public opinion sufficiently to achieve the repeal of marijuana prohibition so that the responsible use of cannabis by adults is no longer subject to criminal sanction.


Denver norml

Denver NORML was founded in 2015. Since the start of legalization in Colorado it has been a very exciting time for us to be alive, but it does not mean we have perfected all the laws and regulations that are part of legalization. We are committed to addressing these issues for the marijuana community in the great city of Denver.

Top Shelf Budtending

When Top Shelf Budtending was created in 2015, the idea was simple: Show the world that cannabis can be part of a classy, high-end presentation. Partnering with some of the best brands in the cannabis space, we provide the absolute highest quality products for your event. Our devotion to classy cannabis doesn't stop there. Our budtenders are equipped with the highest quality cannabis education. We never stop learning. We are dedicated to providing our clients with an educated, safe and responsible cannabis experience.

Irie Weddings & Events

Irie (pronounced eye-ree) means "nice, good, or pleasing." We chose this one word to represent our company because feel your wedding planning experience should be blissful and enjoyable! We are dedicated to giving our couples the beautiful wedding day they have always dreamed of and incorporating cannabis in classy and tasteful ways. We work with a wide range of local cannabis-friendly wedding vendors who are sure to delight and impress your guests! Irie Weddings & Events (formerly Cannabis Concierge Events and Buds & Blossoms) was founded just as recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in January, 2014. Having worked in the cannabis industry since 2011, we have made many amazing connections with dispensaries, edible companies and wholesalers of all things cannabis. 


Bee Nails

Bee-Nails is the Colorado Company that puts its people before its profits. Our vaporizer and extraction products lead the industry because of you, the Colony! We continuously innovate our designs for our Enails, Vaporizers, Wax Pens, Dab Rigs, and Rosin Presses primarily based on Colony feedback.


At UnCanny, it’s our mission to empower people to live healthier, happier lives through the use of plants that regenerate ourselves and the planet. We pursue this by increasing accessibility to hemp and other healing plants through innovative products and transparent business practices. As a result, we’ve created wholesome CBD-inspired products that are effective, delicious, and honest.